Digitone - No sound on some tracks (not a mute issue)

Log in to your account on Elektron’s web page and make a support ticket.


Thank you

This problem just happened to me Tracks have no volume when all volumes are up. Even when trying to select a new sound you get nothing. Any suggestions? I am stumped and frustrated.

I created a support ticket with Elektron and they said this is rare but not unheard of. Have you tried copying all of the trigs to a new pattern, or even a new pattern in a different bank, or even a new pattern in a different bank in a different project? Worth a shot.

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also make sure you understand the mute modes. I was new to Elektron at the time and to DN. I no longer have the pattern in question but make sure you don’t have any of the different mute modes enabled… stating the obvious I know, but just mentioning it in case…

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Hit the “Unison” button and check your locked voices That did it for me Good luck

I tried that early on, but hey I’m glad you got it sorted!