Digitone Midi/Realtime Transport Control


Hey all. First time caller here.
I’ve been messing around with the digitone’s midi implementations and have come across some hurdles. Its unfortunate there’s no sysex for transport control but i am able to control play and stop with Realtime Play and Stop with a midi foot controller. Only thing is that when play is engaged the digitone hangs for a bit before it actually plays (not conducive to playing live).

When I engage realtime play/start the digitone will display ‘midi’ in the bottome left hand corner

It will stay like that until it plays then it will revert back to…

Note: sometimes it will display PREP. Not sure what that means.

I guess its waiting for clock messages but im not sending clock just Realtime Start/Play? Does this require a clock message before play can start.
If i turn off clock receive in the settings then the digitone will not respond to Realtime messages. Does anyone know a way around this?

Also (and maybe i should start another post but) is there a way to select the active audio track via midi? So i could use my foot controller the select the track i want to noodle around on via an external keyboard?

Using the morningstar mc6ii for all this fyi


I haven’t done tests with the Digitone, but I know on the Rytm if you send it Start / Play it will expect you to send the clock as well…there was no way around that, and no way to simulate the actual hardware pressing of REC / PLAY / STOP

There is currently no way to select the active Track via MIDI


Thanks for the info. I’ll keep messing around but it looks like AR and DN operate similarly wamp wamp. Maybe ill build some robot arms with an arduino and some motors and have it press the buttons for me lol.


Actually… the morningstar foot pedal can send multile types of messages on one push button so I set it up to midiclocktap (msg1) and then realtime start (msg2). That seems to play the digitone immediately. Success!

The cool thing about sending multiple messages at once is that with every press the play head jumps back to zero. Acting like the mpc’s play/start funtionality essentially.


What is midiclocktap? Just one clock tick?


Not exactly sure but this is from the manual…

Midi Clock Tap Tempo


Sends a Midi Clock signal to out from USB and 5 Pin Midi. Syncs your Midi Clock enabled devices to a common BPM.

You can set the tempo in the parameters, and then choose if you want the device to show the tap menu.

If selected, the MC6 will load the tap tempo screen when the preset is activated.

If not selected, the MC6 will send out the Midi Clock messages according to the preset tempo. When another event occurs i.e. a switch is pressed or expression is moved, the Midi Clock messages will stop.

You can read more here: https://morningstar-engineering.github.io/MC6-MKII-Midi-Controller/site/glossary/07-midi-type-glossary/

I should probably add im not endorsed by these folks just a fan of the foot controller


Im gonna keep posting here as im still experimenting w different setups.

I’m noticing that if i have my footpedal connected via 5 pin din, and then i plug a midi host into the usb (link to midi app via iphone), the digitone will ignore realtime messages from the 5 pin din. It will still receive cc’s however if both usb and midi din are plugged into the digitone. Is this a bug or normal behavior?

Digitone 1.10: bug discussion