Digitone MIDI loopback?

Learned from a thread from 3 years back that you can hook a DN up to itself, in order to gain an extra 4 tracks, but apparently when you hit stop it causes the sequencer to lock up. Is this still the case, or was it patched?

Since 1.30 it works without problems. Just make sure to deactivate clock and transport in the midi config menu.


I just remembered that what I read specifically was that the problem happens when you double-stop. Is that fixed?

Yes, i think it was because you could not deactivate transport message. I used the DN a lot with midi feedback and had no problems with pressing stop twice.

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Awesome. Getting a Keys next week, so that’s very good to know.

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Here you can see the corresponding post.

:large_blue_diamond: Prevented MIDI feedback problems that could occur when pressing [STOP] twice.

So everything is ready to go. Have a good start with the DNK :slight_smile: