Digitone Keys vs Korg Opsix

Does Osix sound better–anyone have both?

If I were choosing between them I would consider how important the sequencer/multitimbrality is. For me it is why I use the digitone, so I can get music started standalone.

If you are choosing purely for fm polysynth duties and don’t plan on using the sequencer I would probably choose the opsix.

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I was going to open a new thread minus the keys. Looks like there hasn’t been much of a feedback regarding this versus. Would love to hear more from those who have had the chance to audition or use them both. Opsix sounds much better than Digitone based on what I hear online. Six hands on faders seem to leave more room for experimentation while you are performing, which is a plus especially with drones or pads. The only downside happens to be its price (currently more expensive in my country) and the cheap keys/build quality. Any input?


Me too!

I think the consensus is actually that the digitone sounds better… At least the opsix is not as full and the bass is lacking… Digitone had a specific sound different to most other fm that is smoother and less harsh… Opsix has way more variety and better effects… Like way more powerful for sound design, not even close… It is crazy how deep and much stuff is going on in that box… Digitone is more simple and easy to get great sounds… But it is splitting hairs, they both sound incredible, like truly incredible and jaw dropping… They both have decent sequencers… Do you want a more sequence focused digitone that is good at controlling other stuff or a really deep opsix that is ok at sequencing and being controlled? You wanna play real time and sound design or make beats and cool grooves? Each are better at certain things… Elektron had a boutique feel and is built like a tank, korg is plastic and cheap but charming because of it… Really feels like a modern dx7 that shrunk down.
I hope they do a opsix se edition with 61 keys with their Japanese good keys like the wavstate se.
I chose the digitone keys and love it though!! So I’m good on fm, not selling it for anything else even if they do.