Digitone Keys, Overbridge 2, Logic X MIDI

Hello, all …

I recently snarfed a Digitone Keys, and though I quite like the sound, one big reason I snarfed it was bc of Overbridge. I have a Virus TI2, and I use Virus Control all of the time in Logic Pro X. When I read about Overbridge, it seemed very much like Virus Control, though better. So far, though, I’m having one issue that I’d love some help with.

I have my Digitone Keys connected via USB with an Elektron Overhub. In LPX, I create a software instrument track with the Digitone instrument. I can play the Digitone Keys and it plays. I can record from the Digitone Keys and it shows up in LPX on the track I created as MIDI. All is cool … until I play it back. Though the keys on the keyboard in the Digitone plugin highlight as the MIDI notes are played, the MIDI apparently is not sent back to the Digitone Keys, so I can’t hear what I just recorded. LPX recvs MIDI from the Digitone Keys via Overbridge, but it can’t send it back to the Digitone Keys when I try to play it back. The Digitone Keys MIDI config is set to USB for MIDI in and out.

I’ve a bunch of other MIDI devices that do communicate both ways with LPX - Roland XV5080, Fractal Audio FX8, Nord Lead 4 (MIDI over USB), Korg Kronos (MIDI over USB), Virus Classic, as well as the Virus TI2 (MIDI / audio over USB) I mentioned earlier. I just haven’t managed to get LPX to send MIDI to the Digitone Keys, even though it receives MIDI from it. Any help would be much appreciated!



Someone with better experience will help you im sure, but the digitone has a whole menu of midi settings that need to be right… Maybe try those? What is the incoming midi channel set to? etc.

Yes, I’ve been through the MIDI config. MIDI In is set to USB. Tracks 1-4 are set to channels 1-4. MIDI 5-8 are set to channels 5-8. Output channel is set to Auto Ch. I’ve also done a factory reset, but it hasn’t solved the issue.

In short:

Using Virus Control, I record from the Virus into LPX, and what I record shows up as MIDI events as expected. I press Play in LPX, and the Virus plays back what I recorded. Happiness ensues.

Using Overbridge 2, I record from the Digitone Keys into LPX, and what I record shows up as MIDI events as expected. I press Play in LPX, and the Digitone Keys does not play back what I recorded. Happiness denied.

All I want to do is make the Digitone Keys play back what I recorded in LPX using Overbridge. That’s it.



I fixed it. I had the LPX MIDI channel set to “All” - which works fine for the Virus - but I needed to set it specifically to 1 for the Digitone Keys to play back the 1 track I recorded in LPX. I’m assuming that if I record another track from the Digitone Keys, I’ll need to set that one’s MIDI channel to 2 … up to the maximum of 4 tracks that the Digitone Keys can simultaneously handle.


This Logic/OverBridge tutorial is very helpful for creating a template.

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