Overbridge + Logic Pro X + FX Tracks Digitakt

Hey everyone – I’ve been able to get the proper overbridge bus and aux routing in Logic Pro thanks to everyone on these forums for my digitakt. I still however am having trouble figuring out the routing for the FX Tracks – would anyone be kind enough to break down exactly how they are doing this in Logic? Screenshots would also be appreciated


If you’ve already got everything else set up and are recording all the tracks separately, then the FX part is easy. You just need to go into audio routing on the DT (in the settings menu) and switch off the audio tracks (trig keys 1-8) so that you are only sending the FX to the main outs, not the audio tracks, then when you record the main outs from the DT they will just have the FX on them. There is no “FX track” that you can access with Overbridge.


Awesome thank you for the response. This is where I seem to get lost – are you recording the main outs of the digitakt through overbridge still, or literally using quarter inches into an interface? I haven’t been able to figure out what channels to use for the main outs on overbridge. Appreciate your help !

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You can record the main outs through overbridge.

awesome – any chance you can walk me through exactly how to route the fx with overbridge? I’ve tried setting up channels 9 and 10 through a bus and to audio tracks with no luck

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You don’t route it with overbridge, you do it on the DT. Look up “audio routing” in the manual. As I said, there is no fx track that you can access with overbridge, you just have to stop the audio tracks being sent to the main outs, and then record the main outs (these are tracks 1 and 2, iirc)

@aquinas you’ve prompted me to record a tutorial I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Hope this helps to explain everything and answers your questions:


Nice! That should help clear up a lot of these kinds of questions hopefully.


Hi Dave, thank you so much for that great tutorial! It helped me set up everything perfectly for the Digitakt. Unfortunately I can’t get the Digitone to work.

I thought I’d follow the same steps, but the Digitone doesn’t show up as a VST instrument in Logic. Also, it has an “idle” status in the Overbridge Engine screen…

I have the DN and DT setup together (DT master), but I don’t think that’s relevant for this issue? I think a direct USB connection for both devices to my MacBook should suffice in order to work with Overbridge?

Any ideas on how to get the DN to work the same as the DT in Logic?

Idle status:

Everything coming in correctly in Overbridge control panel:

No VST plugin for Digitone:

I just found this video over the weekend and can’t stress enough how helpful it was.

I was on the fence for awhile about the best multi-track recording option (for me) in Logic for Elektron boxes and this video was a huge help.

For the curious or anyone else searching on this topic: The video features OB setup in Logic for DT, but is also applicable to AR, A4, etc.

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