Digitone Keys Getting Tons of Pops & Clicks Stopped AND During Playback

I’m getting massive amounts (like randomly every few seconds) from my Digitone Keys. Doesn’t matter if it’s playing or not. Any suggestions?

Tell us how you are listening to it: what is the signal path?

Sure. Any output from the Keys makes the popping noise: Headphone jack, stereo jack, or any of the other line outputs. Doesn’t matter if it’s playing or not. Turning the volume up or down DOES effect the sound. At zero, no popping.

…hmmmm…i gonna replace my tone with the keys version soonish…
and that’s no good news…but since i hear about this first time, i’d say ur unit got some serious dsp hick ups and needs to be checked in…it’s ticket time, i’m afraid…

Goddamnit. I just bought it. But yeah, getting it on every channel no matter what. Almost has a CD scratch skipping sound to it.

Sample it, then get a ticket going


…no…if it’s that new, no ticket needed…just get a replacement unit…no discussion needed…
…sampling the sound might be a nice idea…but then…call the retailer right away and send it back…something went clearly wrong in parts or assembling here…

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The problem is that it was a brand new purchase (sealed box) from an eBay seller. Might not be that easy.

And make a track out of it


Haha. We’ll just see about that.

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…well, then…it’s ticket time…u gotto send it to elektron…three year warranty will do fine…

First, do a self Test of the unit.

Turn it on while holding FUNC

Press 1


Here’s what I got:

UI: +
OS: 1.21

Also, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the metronome is faulty. When I trigger it, it starts to glitch without the track even playing, but very randomly and chopped/skipping. It continues to make the popping sounds randomly while the metronome is playing in time.

It sounds like an software issue to me. Defo contact support, they will sort it out with you, maybe even without going back to the mothership.

Did you try to create a new project and encounter the same issues?

any news on this?

Might it be related to any of the issues mentioned in the “Why is the digitone clicking?” thread? Or is it a completely new issue?

Have you tried opening a brand new project and seeing if the issue persists? I didn’t see this mentioned by you… and it’s not as if the metronome could be faulty, doesn’t work like this, there’s not a little metronome inside the box…

I have a reinstalled the firmware and made sure everything is up to date. I haven’t had an issue since. *crossing fingers