Digitone issues


Returning it is better. You probably got a faulty unit, mine has never frozen during operation although I have gotten the DSP boot failure when turning it on.
For the rest of the stuff, always skim the manual before buying something so you’ll save some headaches later.


@astricii Thanks a lot for your info, ABOUT CLICKS=Further testing makes it clear for me that the AMP is the biggest problem, for lots of sounds you can not set Attack 0 to 5, or the Release to 0-5, then it clicks. Then again it clicks even more if you set an LFO to free running on top of these settings. Also the Phase retrig gives clicks in the off position which I think is normal. But the AMP is NOT NORMAL. This can’t be the nature I guess?

About LFO’s when the machine was doing weird, after I got out of my first freeze, the encoders were doing nothing on the page, I noticed the LFO fade parameters were both at -64 in all empty patterns to start with, now they are at 0 within all blank patterns. So within a freeze something changes within the settings!

ABOUT FREEZING: so you confirm freezes when going wild on parameters after plocking, I remember having 3 tracks full of soundlocks, plocking, doing some CTRL ALL it went into freeze so this must be a BUG?

ABOUT CLICKS IN PRESETS = There are some nice patterns (presets) which sound superb but checking all the AMP settings of the sounds and muting one by one i found some sounds have also a click in it because amp is set under 5! So why would some decent sounddesigner make a nice drone bass with an audible click in it which you can hear if you use the sound alone but with four tracks going you don’t hear it of course? So in ambient setting the drone is a bad preset!
So all the clickpreset sounds I can get rid of that click by resaving them with better AMP settings!
In my opinion this is very bad coding of the AMP and not the ‘behaviour of the synth’ or the ‘nature of the envelopes’!


decay also 0 to 5 clicks


If you have the release set too short, it will sometimes cut off a wave at the peak of the cycle. This is expected behaviour. What’s wrong with setting attack/release to 5 or more? It’s such a minimal difference that it doesn’t really matter (in fact, amplitude attack is set to something like 8 by default).

It really isn’t. Sometimes, depending on the style of music, a click at the beginning/end of the envelope is the desired result.


Yeah basically they’ve given amps that are extremely fast. A setting of 10 gives you maybe 5-10 ms of attack. That should be fine. If you need a click transient set it lower that’s been the advice of the designers here on the forum. I get clicks on my voyager if I set the attack to quick as well. Just the nature of the beast. Better to have the speed and not need it than need it and not have it. :slight_smile:


Euh do you really mean your AMP Setting by default is attack 8??? Mine is by default Attack 0, Decay 0, Sustain 127, Release 16?

What are your settings by default?


I don’t have my Digitone with me now, but I’m pretty sure the default sound has an attack higher than 0. It may not be 8.

Also, decay is set to something more than zero, and sustain less than 127.

Looks something like the screenshot from the manual:


Maybe not as extreme, but nothing is at 0 or 127.


I think if you clear a sound it it the sine sound should start at A:10 D: like 15-20ish S:100ish? And R: around 20. Anyway, yeah they’ve got a wide range I feel the filter decay actually can get into the too long category too quickly like above decay:35ish it’s like in full wild drone mode. But I digress


when testing further some of the freezes I’ve got and weird behaviour were due to the Project 1 i was into, I did not realise it was locked and saved a whole bank of patterns and sounds I made, yesterday I unlocked the project, resaved the whole project and had a session of 6 hours on Digitone without any freeze, yeah it made me happy…

Think I will just leave project 1 and start fresh on a new project. Going to report later about AMP settings in a new project but mine were in project 1 always on a blank pattern, default sound:


I agree with the OP that Elektron has been releasing new gear (DT/AR2/A42) that is dangerously close to being in Beta mode. That is a very bad business practice IMO, unless you’re giving some sort of discount to early adopters, and clearly letting them know it’s still in Beta mode.

I also agree that the DT/DN could have been way way better had they simply implemented a couple more features (SONGMODE).

If Elektron does a mkII version of these, and puts in that glaring omission, I’ll be first in line to buy them.


DT / DN are still in their infancy, give em time.


The DT has been out for about two years now.


look at elektrons history, they have an excellent track record of updating their units for years after release.


That’s great, and minor bugs are probably unavoidable -however, once again, releasing machines that are basically still in Beta mode is unacceptable. Many people are having new mkII machines (as well as DT) that are freezing/bricking. I’ve personally had that happen with a brand new DT and a brand new AR2 mkII.

Overall I love Elektron, but there’s no excuse for doing this.


I’ve owned a Digitone since March. In that time I’ve had one DSP boot error and one project freeze on me.
The only piece of equipment I own with a better record is my Korg Monologue with just the one freeze so far. Maybe I’m lucky, I don’t know…
I don’t feel like I’m playing with an unfinished instrument. Quite the opposite, short of portamento, I can’t think of much i’d add to it. I guess I’m lucky because I don’t really use song modes.


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I have the DSP Boot error almost every time I first turn on, I turn it off and on again and it then works, slightly annoying (and a very strange bug to get out- how can you not spot it!)


Never had an issue. Had since release.


Sorry to say I have lots of problems with my digitone. My other elektrons dont share these issues, my AR and AK and A4 is stable. But DTone freezes on me, not only dsp boot failure but lots of both silent and noisy freezes. Specially bad with my latest downloaded sounds? It happens rndomly more or less after 5-60 min, very annoying. It doesnt just seem like Im the only one having these problems. Latest firmware 1.10 b.

Anyhow, its a shame.


What OS?

I had thought it was just a software issue that could be fixed, if not everyone has it I guess I need to send my Digitone back?