Digitone issues


new Digitone user since 10/11/2018 (i also have A4mk1 en MDmk1). It came with the 1.10 update on it. The reason I post here is to ask if all other users encounter the same bugs or problems with Digitone?

I’m getting frustrated, annoyed, pissed off etc till the point I’m about to return this and ask my money back. I rather buy this wonderful synth after a year or two second hand then buying new again! It’s my last synth I will buy new because I’m sick of returning synths, I wanna make music! I really can’t understand why nowadays the early buyers payed 777euros for a ‘BETA’ digitone. This synth should never been released in such condition! After 8 or 9 months I thought I would get a top Elektron synth but NO it’s still full of bugs, almost unusable at certain points. I paid 649 euros and I’m still feeling ripped off! Why making promises on the box about overbridge if even after 9 months it still doesn’t work? I hope untill christmas for a decent update that also fixes the crackling, freezes, etc otherwise the machine is going back, I need my money back and will search for a 2nd hand Monomachine. Nowadays bringing products on the market with false advertisement, super buggy system, etc isn’t the way to attract new customers and certainly long time elektron users will lose faith in other new gear!

My buglist so far:
-clicking sound also with some preset sounds? Clicking digital envelopes? Sometimes suddenly random clicking on a sound, then suddenly normal
-on a track with soundlocks going to master fx sometimes only drive works, rest of fx doens’t do anything, can’t move parameters? Happened also that the fx work but not the normal way, they sound muffled, crappy, crackling reverb, like the machine is in some crashmodus?
-lfo’s suddenly doing nothing or not working properly?
-lfo modulation destinations going weird, knobbehaviour was like replaced with selection knob.
-If i’m on a page 2 trackvolume doesn’t work anymore?
-Switching to Arp with a nice sound sometimes big change in volume till it’s so quiet that it’s unusable (the machine did not work like that the first days) The arp is certainly a big problem doing weird things
-A few times some drumkit from the soundpool placed on a track I couldn’t set different parameterlocks anymore only the trig condition worked???
-Trig condition is dodgy, not fine tuned at all, 50% not always on off, 33% sometimes 4 bars hearable, then almost 6 or more bars nothing?
-Encountered purple led on SYN, what does that mean? Logical led problem?
-When having weird behaviour the machine sometimes get hot, it was always feeling like cold metal when in use also after a few hours.
-Why does this machine have audio in but you can only use masterfx?
-No songmode? weird?
-Why does every Elektron sequener needs to be a little different? I’m getting old and everybody knows when using elektron gear it’s a steep learning curve. If you don’t play on your machine for some time you loose your feeling with it, you forget things you knew.

Most of the problems, bugs, etc but absolutely not all can be fixed after 30 sec off/on, but then they always return so I need to power cycle the machine multiple times every time I’m using it! Pffff, I wanna enjoy this machine but NO. I’m a bit scared to use it in a live situation! I’m pissed off it doesn’t work how it’s suppose to be, etc. I wanted to use Digitone for CCing some 303 parameters but saw in the forum crash and freeze, so I’m not gonna try it! I don’t want this DSP boot failure thing I heard of on top of all the other bugs.


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FREEZE again on my second brandnew DN! need help!

the overdrive in the master is the only parameter that effects everything, the chorus/delay/reverb effect the signal at the inputs only. the arp prob might be because the arp length is set very short. the purple LED on SYN will happen when you’re in set up/arp menu. that’s all i got!


I feel sorry for you, but I didn‘t find any bugs at all in four months of using it.


all this has nothing to do with bugs or wrong advertisement


If it’s truly random, these things will happen in short term samples (e.g. 6 bars), but over a longer time period it’ll balance out. It’s just how randomness works.


That’s how probability works…

  1. If you flip a coin 10 times there is a strong possibility that you’ll get half heads an half tails. There is also a possibility that you get heads 10 times. This is what possibilities are. If you want a trig condition to happen every single time without fail, you can set it to “every two bars” or “every four bars” or whatever it is.

  2. Purple LED is a feature. Read the manual.

  3. I don’t know what you mean by this.

  4. Nope, no song mode. You should’ve known that before you bought the equipment. I agree it seems weird and frankly it’s one of the things that’s kept me from buying one.

  5. The sequencer really isn’t that different. If you understand one Elektron machine you can get along fairly well with all of them, just with some minor adjustments and a little reading of the manual.

It seems to me that maybe you’re not grasping some of the quirks and features of the Digitone. Take a step back, ask yourself if something is really a bug and try and figure it out. Or come here and ask for help. I don’t own a DN so I can’t tell you what’s going on with some of your other complaints, but based off the ones I did address they’re not actually bugs just a lack of understanding. Open your mind and read the manual.


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could be voice stealing if you use more than 8 notes simultaneously


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sorry you’re having problems.

digitone is my favourite elektron, and imo compared to most of their units was remarkably stable and featured on release. personally I’ve had no problems with it since 1.02.


If I said something wrong I apologize, sorry!
Digitone is very nice sound that’s why I bought it but…

The clicks go away sometimes, I encounter them randomly!
The synth sometimes doesn’t work normal and after powercycling it works again normal?)

SO nowadays everyone needs to be doing research before buying anything??? GOing to forums of all kinds of products we will encounter all kinds of problems cause we live in a mass consumption world but that doens’t mean a product needs to be unfinished!

The seller in the store said overbridge worked, mentioned on the box is overbrigde enabled!


With audio in I thought filtering 2 like in A4


It seems like you’re having problems with the engine more than encoutinering actual bugs. The clicking usually comes from voice stealing or attack settings being set to short on the amp envelope. I’ve had mine for almost a year and have learned that the engine is not as forgiving as some of the others because it’s a lot more flexible than some of the other machines it means there’s more area not in the “sweet spot” the lfo issues, check to make sure your lfo fade out parameter is set to 0 so as not to remove the lfo depth over time. If you’re set to free running after having the lfo triggered and faded the lfo will fade and not come back. Again not really a bug but an unclear part of the engine behavior. This isn’t to dismiss some of the real issues (the freezes when going wild on parameters after they’ve been p-locked) or the dsp boot error from which seems to be more a hardware batch issue than a design “beta” but they’re real issues for sure. Your problems don’t seem to be those though.


I don’t have a Digitone; never even seen one, so don’t have a cat in this race.

As far as Trig Conditions go, and like @GirTheRobot said; you are using 50% probability of the trig playing.

So on each pass / playthrough; it has a 50% chance of being on or off. Which could end up being who knows how often? Flip a coin in the air 10 times and see if it is always repeating a pattern of Heads / Tails / Heads / Tails etc.

If you want to play the trig only every second bar; then you do not want to use a 50% probability; but a 1:2 setting, so play the first time, but not the second time. This, to use another analogy would be like flipping the coin over manually; it will always be Heads / Tails / Heads / Tails etc.

Have a look at the manual, there should be a list of all the different Trig Conditions, and maybe spend half an hour checking them all out on their own, and getting a good grip on what they do; and how/when they may occur.

Again, I don’t own a Digitone; so this is just based off an edumacated guess, and experience with the Octatrack and Analog Rytm.

Hope that helps.


OKAY I understand the trig condition now thx for the answers,

I do understand how lfo works, but parameters of the fade seem to have changed on all the blank patterns now??? That was not when I used it first day?

I would like to see on other digitones how the LFO settings on all the pages are for starting with a blank pattern,

On a empty pattern the lfo fade settings are different then when I have used it first day!

SO freezing (I mean knobs that don’t work) but after powercycling they do work that’s not encountered by every users?


Never had a freeze on mine and never needed to power cycle.
Your unit could be defective. Can you return to store for another new unit?


@Adam Jay, thanks that’s what I really wanted to hear, now I do know for sure that your unit does not freeze , mine did 2 or 3 times in the 5days of ownership, I’m sure it’s a faulty one

‘unclear part of engine behaviour’ thats why Elektron manuals are so (how do you call it) sparse with info?

Going to do some other test tonight and probably bring it back to the store


that is simply not a feature of the digitone

That’s sad and I think there is a general consensus, that the whole OB ready marketing was a big failure and very misleading

me neither


It’s just also weird that it’s called audio in, then again it should be called mix in like on most other instruments, anyway they maybe could give us that feature in an update i guess.

thx unifono about the freeze, so digitone is going back to store…