Digitone issues


All systems current OS’s and firms.

  • with my small knowledge about electronic music - clicking arises if a wave is cut too fast. Either by the Attack or the Release. Also if the last wave is still running - the wave gets cut at that point. If you trigger a kick for example very fast probably it will click. It happens in the Low Frequency Area. Or the Voice Steeling of course as it also cuts the wave. Thats not a Digitone issue.

I had the same issue with freezing at the Digitakt, It was terrible and frustrating -happened already after one hour - I would bring it back to the dealer. 1.10 should work right.

The Digitone works like a horse so far - real Midi to my Synth and USB sync to my host.

The LFO Section at Elektron Gear took me a month - and still I don’t see all the possibilitys. Cheers!


Weird one: so I always need to clear track sound on an empty pattern to start with a decent non clicking Env that is adsr 8 32 96 24! Otherwise my amp env is always adsr 0 0 127 16 on a blank pattern! How stupid is that?
How to always start with these better amp settings? Clearing one by one all soundsettings on all tracks within a empty pattern? I don’t get it pff.

Clear sounds data tells me Kit cleared??? There are no kits in Digitone!

@GirTheRobot purple led is a feature then tell me where that is mentioned in the manual! The manual doens’t even say something about knobcolors turning blue for example etc, only about muting.
If i’m on filterpage and want to go to Arp the knob turns blue like all pages do when pressing Func and Syn1 or Trig. But if I’m already on Trig or Syn1 and go to arp they turn purple! That’s confusing and not needed to change color, if I’m doing the same thing! That’s seems a bug!

And to be clear about sequencer or changes in all Elektrons there are always different things!!! Like for example Machinedrum Controll all is done while holding Function. Digitone is done while holding Midi!

So further about Digitone the X and Y mix is always set to X when going to a blank pattern?

‘Digitone remembers the last used version of mute and accesses this version first when you press Func+Bank’ This sucks and is very confusing! Think it was bit better in A4 with small mixer with faders.

Confusing also: looks like the sound you make does not save for example decay of reverb. In the manual is written that it is saved within a pattern? So it is not saved within the sound you make?
You can’t plock different delay times etc for crazy shit? Lfo destinations need serious update, we need more, more, more, or do I really need to CC them not plockable parameters with another machine.

I found every manual of Elektron stupid and absolutely not inviting to read but I do read them. They look like just a dictionary, a sum of all it’s features, then again they even put Overbridge in it which doesn’t even work yet!

Another example: FDBK: with higher parameter settings, infinite and swelling delays are possible! Oh wow then show us how ffs! No apparently they all have patreon now so you can pay money to learn how a machine works! The manual should be giving far more info than this shit! Check out Yamaha DX200 manual, probably the best ever written manual!


Sold the Digitone (DSP boot failure as hell plus I wasn’t convinced with its sound, features and unnecessary limitations after the honeymoon.) and bought me a second Mother 32.

Looks better, sounds better, works like it’s advertised = happy Squadron…

This was the last Elektron device I bought. I’m done with them. Love the Rytm though, their best product.


The sound convinced me in the first place with the well known super intuitive sequencer!
Techno, IDM, industrial, 80’s, ambient, noise, house, acid (some sort of, hell we need slides) it’s a superb synth that can do everything in terms of genres of music but I think it’s just the Swedish way of doing things always differently then most manufactures. Like the Volvo cars but they are ugly, hehe


is only 10 % as powerful :wink:


Learn thru discovery. It sticks so much more than someone telling you how to. Its also more gratifying.

The manual tells you how to navigate the controls. Now…push it further.


Not for me. It teams perfect with my other semi-modulars and lets me get into weird territory with a breeze.

I get what was promised, no consumer beta testing, no freezes etc. If that’s the cost for less features, I’m willing to pay that price. Whatever makes you happy…


sure, and I can totally understand you :slight_smile:
The moog is great! Bought it myself. Elektrons are just a different story to me, when it comes to options and versatility


@phaelam Maybe i’m old (37) or it comes because I started with an Electribe Emx1 and Oberheim OB12, then Yamaha DX200 etc bought a lot of one knob per function, always hated the computer to make music with? I just jam and collect synths and drummachines, etc and circuitbending. But I forget a lot of things especially about Elektrons!
With Md and A4 I wrote down lots of things and printed stuff from forums for sounddesign or shortcuts etc and keep the papers as reference to go back. Think I’m gonna do the same for Digitone.


ohhh…you aint old my friend. id KILL to be your age.

you just gotta roll with whats coming. or its gonna be tuff. i used to be a retro grouch…what a waste of time and energy.


On project 1 I got again some weird behaviour! When messing with the delay time with Function I got the sound browser for a brief moment??? And when editing lfo depth and speed it showed me the destination browser??? Are these confirmed bugs?

Going to make a copy of project one, and hope that copy doens’t go buggy!


I got this just before mine died with the audio clock error… hopefully (for you) it’s not evidence of an impending failure!


ah Fucked Up SHIT, and just before I did the testmode and everything was OK

Damn if it’s dead with audio clock error can you still make a sysex copy? Going to transfer them asap.


Yeah everything works apart from sequencer and the audio engine. I did a backup before I boxed it up to send back to Elektron. Not a big deal for me; it’s pushed me to go back to my Monomachine and start getting into weird territory with it :smiley: when I get the DN back I’ll pair the two and see what horrors I can conjure up…


And then you need to wait for at least probably 3 or 4 weeks till you have your DN back! This forum is really good ads for Elektron! Seems like more and more people have problems, also with firmware 1.10!
I wish I had bought a monomachine but DN sounds very good if it works normal :slightly_smiling_face:


My DN is not even 2 weeks old!


I didn’t say that’s definitely what’s wrong with your Digitone, so take it easy! I just mentioned that I was experiencing a similar issue, that I hadn’t noticed before; it could be purely coincidental… I actually don’t really see how the two issues could be related.


Mine has done this a couple of times, no problems with mine, runs almost perfectly and has done more than 6 months.


Now I had this weird bug again (luckely no freeze again) after 3 hours the machine went hot, i had started with a fresh new project (no lock) Made some patterns, and when touching lfo depth and speed suddenly Lfo does weird things because of this glitching page, i had this 4 times in my session of 3 hours! I Very annoying to work with! I wonder what it will be when chaining together with other machines? Will test that later…

The settings of the AMP on blank patterns (in an empty/new project) are different then in project 1 were the presets are? Could that be because that project and the presetsounds were made with another firmware?