Digitone (DN+DT) only music


That’s rather brilliant!


On iOS if you click the download text it will open a new tab and stream it, worked for me…


indeed, but I waited for one minute for the steam to start and nothing; maybe others have more patience. mobile streaming of files direct off s3 isn’t its strong suit. anyway, just a recommendation


Not sure this will be of similar quality as some of the posts above, but it’s my first DN+DT only track that didn’t have any post prod., so posting it regardless. :wink:
Some clumsy volume stuff a minute in or so…


I’m not going to switch to something else, as the Weekly Beats thing is a specific challenge I’ve signed up for, and requires uploading to the site rather than elsewhere, but I’ve uploaded it to soundcloud for you to listen anyway :smiley:



thanks :slight_smile: really lovely production.


only had the DN a couple days but already it’s sparked something

this is just a demo really, just having fun, not polished, not finished, just all DN

dubpsy style i suppose…

but yeah, i mean, this thing is way fun, i find it very easy to cruise around and do things…

don’t usually do this type of stuff but hey its what came out today…

honestly love this thing way more than my A4 mki which i sold… 8 voices over 4 really helps…


Another melodic one from me!


@mharpum Nice tune! I really like the glitchy IDM drums/percussion.


Cheers bro!


stellar track ! is this DN + DT ?


Yes. All sounds were made on the DN, but a few of the percussive sounds were resampled a few times on the DT.


It really does sound nice. It kind of reminds me of some Global Goon tracks.


Are you using the microtiming trick for overlapping percussion on this track, or just using more than one track? Sounds nice!


Kick and bass hit on one, hats and snare on another, chord track, baseline track

No microtiming, it’s interesting what the X Y affords/ offers, sometimes a tracks seems slightly slipped out from the other with a seperate characteristic, but in this case there’s a little delay on the hats… I realise they’re a little pingy here… will go through and clean up

I’m really loving this machine though, I love the sound. So much versatility. I really think a DT in the mix would go soooo far though. Offload your drum stuff to DT and then some room for samples and fix sounds… cant wait to get one :slight_smile:


gorgeous, really enjoying this one.




another little pattern, mistakes and all

more chill / ambient



Very nice! Love that detuned lead.


@mattleaf Nice tune!
I also make this kind of chill electronica.