Digitone (DN+DT) only music


Just finished this one, getting better working with this combo now! Such a fun way to make tunes.




all digitone running through some eventide pedals and a 1176. sequenced in ableton.


Got mine yesterday already can tell it is great, whipped up some sounds from my old FM back catalog and tried some new stuff too. Late nite jam on instagram:


Really like that track. The Digitone is such a cool box. Everyone that I’ve heard posting sounds or music from it, has gotten completely different kinds of sounds out of it than I was expecting.


Another instajam from me:


I’ll have to check these out when I’m not at work. Social media is blocked. I’m in control of the firewall of course, but I try to behave. :smiley:


Sounds great! Mine is coming this evening, stoked


You’ll love it, such a sweet box, the conditional and soundlocks make it so much more than any FM synth from before, @simon done knocked it out of the park with this one.


Totally agree. Great groove @romellabelx and I did a double-take on the description, wondered if I’d misread the instrument you used.

Was wondering if there’s any reason why you used Ableton for sequencing … or to put it better, do you think you could you have done this with the internal sequencer if you’d wanted to?


no, there is too much subtle volume alteration going on to have done it with just the sequencer. i recorded a bunch of bits from the digitone seperately and mixed them with ableton, its not a live jam. i didnt intentionally make it to showcase the digitone, i was just playing around with it for the day. i dont really have any interest in limiting myself for the sake of challenge or demoing gear.


cheers man. really enjoying the box. just picked up the digitakt aswell on the strength of my digitone enjoyment.



Busy Eno kinda vibe. Can someone tell me how to embed posts?


My Digitone arrived finally! Here’s my first little ambient pattern. I’m already in love with this box


nice tune, reminds me a bit of hiroshi yoshimura…

I think the links should auto-embed? maybe try with http:// instead of https?



Is the clicking attack in the beginning with intention? Besides that, very lovely tune!


had a lot of fun with this pattern today… took it in a few different directions… ended up in ths kind’ve Autechre / Nine type world… with beats… bad recording tho… straight to my marrantz pmd-620 … i think i need a new cable… you can hear it jig into place and then come out at the end after the pattern reload haha… stereo field opens right up… so this isn’t really how the DN sounds naturally… much nicer… but so fun… my days just disappearing… :slight_smile:


Besides the cable problem, nice tune!


Non-intentional, but then it grew on me and then it didn’t. Something in the way the operator envelopes are behaving, not sure yet. This is a whole new animal to me. Thanks for listening!