Digitone (DN+DT) only music



Just showing off this DN modulated arp patch just pretend my Rytm is a DT lol !

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just a heads up to check your phase on some of these. some cool sounds but the phase made it difficult to enjoy properly, as the L and R channels seemed to be out of phase with each other. (just some helpful feedback)

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Hi there! Here’s a track on the Digitone.
Lately I’ve listened to soft evolving tracks, and wanted to create new patches.
Substan put some great tutorials on his patreon, and it helped me a lot creating this bass patch, and from there designing the rest.
I hope you’ll like it!

What a great track!

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Big thanks @William_WiLD for his awesome Digitone Cheatsheet. With his tips I came across with some really cool patches for Digitone today.

Played in one pattern, recoreded via Overbridge.


very pretty.

Thanks ViolentMeals!

More Adventures on DT & DN keys - (& analog heat) - Mix came out not half bad here I think. Feedback welcome!


cool shot framing & cooler vibe!

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Thank you!

Monotone (Digitone Pattern)

This track was recorded live from Digitone via Overbridge. Added EQ and compression in FLStudio later. Hope you guys like it :crossed_fingers:


Digitone with a 16n Faderbank driving track level, mutes and arp timbre.


Hello everyone! A new jam, only DT


Some laid back Hip Hop vibes I cooked together with Digitakt, Digitone and Model:Cycles. Polished a little in Ableton, minimal arrangement. Hope it´s not too bad…

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This is really great. Did you multi-track with overbridge or just record the stereo master? It sounds very “clean” to me and I’m struggling to get these sorts of sounds out of my DN, in particular the clean sounding bass and kick. Anyway - really nice work! I’ve clearly got a long way to go!

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An awesome track! Bodes well for the soundpack as well. :wink:


Guacamolly - given the vocals and such I’m guessing you’re using “only DT” a bit loosely, but this sounds really good. Did you use the digitone sequencer? Or sequence with something else?

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Thank you very much! I m really happy you like it!

The vocals are actually from a MethodMan accapella which i had processed earlier with Morph and was just laying around, i recorded it in the DT but the final result is heavily mangled and rerecorded in DT with delay settings and bit crushing.

Well DT is a sampler so i dont think such a thing as “DT only by itself” can exist, since you have to “feed” it something …f.e an 808 kick is also technically not “only DT”! But otherwise, yes it is only bits and samples i have on my DT which are mangled in DT, recorded, and then again mangled …etc (ok some i leave as they are, …mostly percussion)

I try mostly to get new sounds by playing around with the source samples.
It is amazing how much sound design and happy accidents are possible with this limited device even if you cant fully control the outcome! (only if it had a BP filter! …but one can dream!).

No everything on this tune is arranged and sequenced on DT and then recorded in one take directly from the main output, just slight EQ on the whole thing. :slight_smile:

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And I have to apologize, I was clicking through the digitone forum when I found this post and thoughtlessly assumed DT = digitone. I see now that you’re doing digitakt (and DN is the preferred abbreviation of digitone). It’s really good, nice to see that one machine pushed so far. I really enjoyed it.

Stay rad, and keep it up!

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