Digitone / Digitone Keys: bug reports

I’m have a problem with the encoders behaving strangely as well. Seems like there’s a lag on movements.

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In addition to the laggy encoder behaviour on Mixer page, it seems that I can’t easily go back from some secondary pages anymore.

For example:
When in Chorus menu, presing SYN2/Chorus button doesn’t exit the Chorus. When in Delay, Reverb or Mixer menus, however, their corresponding buttons do as expected and I am back in Filter, Amp or LFO pages.

In all of these cases pressing NO doesn’t work as expected too. However when in Setup or Arp menus, pressing NO takes me back to the main screen.

Also, when in preset selection menu via double clicking T1-T4, pressing a track button doesn’t exit the selection menu. NO works as expected.

Can confirm.
Pressing [Syn2] when in the Chorus page does not return you to the Syn2 page, neither does pressing [No].

On your last point: double tapping the track button exits the preset menu. I can’t remember if this was different in the previous OS version though.

Hmm, some of these bugs are pretty obvious that I can’t understand how they were not found during beta-testing…

Do you guys notice any difference in behaviour when you start a new project?

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Exactly. This really pisses me off. Do they even beta-test ?
It’s not like the UI is so complex. These issues could have been caught with a simple test protocol.

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Do you notice any difference when you start a new project in some of the issues you encounter?

real world beta testing kind of


Can we keep it on-topic and less meta please … the best way to get these issues addressed is to keep them visible, focused, factual, constructive, comprehensive and clear - so less meta noise and noise in general helps the people reviewing this find the gold that we all want sorted.


I posted in the other thread about the issues with setting delay to global but also noticed that turning other fx global on/off when a pattern is running also causes fluctuations with the delay whether it’s set to global or not. Strange.

There’s an issue with the Master Overdrive reporting as OFF when it’s clearly on …

but only when the new toggle for ‘global’ M.Ovd is set On

updates the value appropriately when that particular toggle is off

Screenshot 2022-02-04 20.39.05

Can confirm the same behaviour.

It actually displays the value the master overdrive was brefore setting it to global (eg it isn’t showing the global overdrive value but the value from the specific pattern).

cheers - I’ve already reported this additional factoid, but yeah - just freezes whatever reading was there in the current pattern

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Can confirm this behaviour, and it only happens to track 1 on my DN in the mixer page and not somewhere else. In my situation it doesn’t matter what the actually value is, I always notice this problem when increasing the value.

It also doesn’t matter what the active tracks is, or if it’s a new or existing project.

I sent a ticket and Elektron replied saying they are aware of it and gonna fix it in the upcoming days.
We’re sort of beta testers :wink:


is this a bug or what?

I don’t know anymore what MIDI channel should we use to control Pattern Volume with CC#95. Earlier it was FX Control Channel (in MIDI config -> Channels) which does not seem to work anymore.

That’s the key. When there’s a new OS coming out, we have to accept the fact that it won’t be without bugs. So, by enlarging the sample of beta testers, the most « obvious » behaviors become apparent faster and Elektron is good at fixing them rapidly.


Ah, good to know and thanks for replying!

The UX can accidentally pull up the Sound Browser Menu

If you select the [Syn1] page
and then
press [Fn]{hold}+[Syn1] to bring up Arp Info
but then
press [Fn]{hold}+[Syn1]{hold}

it will launch into the Sound Browser

PS - Now’s the time to catch all those small issues, the post-release bugs fix won’t necessarily be a repeating cycle ( only likely to happen this promptly for critical issues )

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Doesn’t happen for me, i can’t replicate it.

That’s actually quite worrying if bugs start to behave like on different OS.

I contacted Elektron about this, they advised me to do a factory reset. My DN is now putting the display to sleep after approx 60min.