"Digitalis" by (d) [All Digitone]


My 11th(?) album on Bandcamp is available now!
10 tracks of obscured digital noises and hidden melodies. Heptapod techno. Sounds of MU/TH/UR malfunctioning.

Oh, did I mention that 99% of this album was created on nothing but a Digitone?

All artwork and graphic design by CAMARA™:
IG: www.instagram.com/camaralab/
View the bonus PDF for more of his artwork.

Here’s a little vid he did for me:

And now, some free codes:


Thanks so much for your support! :black_heart::3lektron:

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I grabbed this, Iast one was gone as well. EDIT: I forgot to thank you for sharing, not enough coffee in my body yet :slight_smile:

I’m 4 tracks in and liking very much already, mad DN skills :+1:


Listening now, awesome work as usual…! :+1:

Sidenote : when you grab free codes people, a little thank you with the mention of the code you just grabbed won’t kill you…
It’ll show your support to the artist and not just your greed for free stuffs…Not to mention other people won’t have to go thru each code to discover they are all gone…


Yep, I missed the codes also but that’s OK as I plan to buy it later anyway especially the time was taken to cleanse, fold and manipulate the recording. That’s the attention to detail that I approve of.

Sounds pretty ace too.


Ok, now I got to listen to the whole album twice. Really nice work, the “coherence” between the tracks is really cool, awesome mood supported by a very solid sound design work, very impressive. It’s staying on my phone :star_struck:


Much appreciated, guys.
I’ll be putting out more free codes on my twitter (@d01) and IG (@glitched01), but it’s great to see a little $$$.

Thanks again!


And here’s a final batch of codes. Reminder that you can still go back and purchase DIGITALIS after getting it for free, if you really like it.

Thanks to all the supporters!



(Artwork by @camaralab. Purchase and download to get more art and liner notes in the bonus .pdf.)


Thanks for the second batch of codes!

I grabbed: l8mz-7acc

This sounds great! Thanks for sharing!


Grabbed this one. Thanks!


Used this code.
Thank you!


Is gone !

Thanks a lot for this !


I was listening to this again today. Track 8 Digitalis is really something, I can’t get enough of that soundtrack to the digital mystery world living inside the DN. This album is like good cuisine, the taste is great but the real good surprise comes when you pay attention to the details…


I used: z7zg-7scs

Thanks alot! Sounds great!


This is the best type of compliment one could hope to receive.
I believe “long-form” music is still important. 1-minute IG jams have their place, but I prefer to “world-build” and explore ideas and sounds with my music.
Thank you!
When a weirdo-glitch-artist’s intentions are accurately received


Did you approach this album with no multi-tracking, using only the four tracks of the digitone?

Had a complete listen now and I really like it, keep it up!


I had no “parameters” for this album, per se. I just kept making tracks that sounded cool, with the Digitone.

I barely multitracked, if at all. Most everything is direct from the stereo outs.
Pretty much every song is based off of one or two patterns, performed, tweaked to hell, and edited (where required.)

I really just want to do as little as possible after the initial idea strikes me as worth pursuing.


Yeah it sounds sparse but still complete. Like much of my favorite electronic music, I really like when there are few elements to a song but still feels like a complete production. Often it has to do with song writing skills. Convey an idea/emotion/feeling with as few thing as possible.

Thanks for talking about your process, really inspiring me to get my stuff out to without overdoing the production.


I wish I could find the article with Squarepusher, where he describes this method(?)/sentiment. I think it was in FutureMusic.

Basically, not every track should be a major production. The more you work on something, the less it feels “fresh” and “cool.” I think he said that he beat certain ideas to death, to the point where he got sick of them and threw them away (on “Go Plastic.”) I fully experience this, as I’m sure many of you do.

So, with this album, I played with ideas until they “stuck,” then pursued them.
The new boxes (Digitone/Digitakt) allow you to do this so easily because you don’t have to worry about saving a kit/pattern, etc.
I went through three full project’s-worth of patterns.

The key for me is that I believe there are infinite ideas, so casting aside a few “average” ones doesn’t bother me.


I was doing my ironing tonight as nobody needs to be going into work with a ruthlessly creased shirt. That may seem irrelevant to this thread, however I was listening to this album again whilst doing that and it really is such a good listen. So, I felt compelled to bump the thread and share a needlessly prosaic story.

It really is a cracking album!


I’m subscribed to this newsletter of a guy who gives production advice, and this popped up several times already. The idea of pushing out tracks as fast as I can still needs to grow on me since I’m used to making noise with my machines with no sense of arrangement or anything, but now that I am looking at recording the stuff I make, it looks like the challenge becomes having the skill to push out a track before the musical idea behind it bores me. The better ones tend to stick around longer :slight_smile: