Digitakt v MPC Live: real buyers survey (UK£)

MPC Live for me. Had a demo today and was really impressed. Also I like having the ability to layer 4 samples per pad + add a unique effects chain for that pad.

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Digitakt 22
MPC Live 30
Both 4

Sorry about delayed scoring chaps, Mrs Motson had me tour the local garden centres over the bank holiday weekend.

So different from the scenes in 1872, at the cup final none of us can remember.


I know a lot of the fans thought this comparison was a bit apples and oranges, but it turns out our friends over at MPC-forums have been having a similar discussion - linked here for those following the action:



I’ve just banged one in the back of the net for the DT team


Digitakt 23
MPC Live 30
Both 4

The Czech Republic are coming from behind in more than one way now. :aw:

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I pre-orders the Digitakt after seeing the demos at Superbooth.
I was looking for a sampler that was fun and tweakable like the Volca Sample but more powerful.
This fits what I was wanting. I thought about the MPC live but decided to go with the Digitakt.
I don’t care that it is mono. All my synths are mono… It has never bothered me.
It does have limitations but so does my Microbrute and I really enjoy my Microbrute.

My MPC is shipping.

Edit - hit go too soon.

I’m looking for something closer to a DAW for multitracking and something closer to playback in my live performance rig.

Digitakt 24
MPC Live 31
Both 4

Bruce has got the taste of Wembley in his nostrils.


As an owner of all other Elektron machines, I definitely get the MPC Live. I have no need for the DT. No velocity on pads for a drum machine is kind of a joke, to be honest !

If it had pads…

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I’m not sure what you mean. It has buttons, which look exactly like the AR’s pads. A drum machine without velocity sensitivity, whether on buttons, pads, ribbon controllers or brain wave controllers, is severely crippled. That’s besides the point anyways, this thread is about who’s buying what, and I indicated my choice, along with a reason why.

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The DT has buttons, no pads there. It would be odd to expect buttons to provide velocity.

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Now let’s flip this around.
It would be odd to expect a drum machine to not provide velocity sensitivity :wink:

the choice to provide the user with buttons instead of pads is one of the reasons i won’t be buying the DT. As indicated above.

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Could you achieve velocity sensitivity via a controller? Just curious.

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Good question, to which I do not have the answer ! I would certainly hope so, however. And going on a limb, i’m going to say most probably yes :slight_smile:

Oddly, I’m sorta glad I can’t afford any gear so I don’t even have to consider MPC or DT and just keep happily using my OT… :dizzy:
Even if I could, I’m quite sure I’d stick with OT…
Sorry Motty, I’m routing for a team that’s not even in the game! :wink:


In the mega thread I believe Simon confirmed that the Digitakt accepts incoming midi velocity.

---- edit ----
Sorry for the copy/paste rather than a link to the post, my phone is not liking that function.

Simon: 10d - They are not pads, they are mechanical keyboard buttons (high grade gaming type, linear action), so no velocity. The sequencer/sample playback however supports incoming MIDI velocity.


I preordered the DT because of the sound character it has. I think it has more immediate workflow towards sound design and that’s where I want to go. For the DAW style stuff I’ve got a Push + Ableton. I want an instrument not a mini DAW.

DT bought.

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