Digitakt-Users - How do you like the new encoders?

I like the feel of the encoders but am still a little disappointed with the momentum scaling and sensitivity, but I do trust they will get this feeling right over the next few os updates. Also occasionally getting parameters tweaking themselves in between close values, but I think that should be a relatively straightforward fix for them as well, mostly on knobs D and E for me.

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I like them
But sometimes they are too sensitive
I.e. In the retrig menu
When I want to set the speed of the retrig
It is difficult to set the right speed
I always go too fast

I think this is more of a software problem
The hardware and the software interaction can be optimised…


Yeah this, but also you can use the arrow keys to set retrig speed/timing so at least we have that!


What? You mean to say elektron has changed the tried-and-true method of “finer reso, turn encoder, coarse reso, push+turn encoder”? I’m so used to this now, going to be disappointed if this is going away…

Wow! So much good information!
My main interest was related in the hardware aspect, i.e. built and feel of the encoders, software-wise I think elektron will get the job done with some updates.
Thanks a million!

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I have this problem with the push encoders in 1.04, btw.

I’ve had the same issue since I got mine (1.03 and 1.04). I figured it was a software thing since pushing them works the first time for anything else that involves pushing them.

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My encoders feel different.
A is my least favorite. It has a bit of wiggle dead-zone feel to it that C definetly does not have. My C feels smooth and solid. A also has a bit of scratchy feel like it needs lubricant or something.
Not all encoders were born equal.
I really hope they all last though. Has anyone made replacements? Too early for the DT obviously but maybe on the older machines?

what I don’t like is delay setup… I never get straight numbers, it is tedious.
the other thing I o not like at all is midi channel setup.
the display tells me to press buttons and it reacts at the third or fouth time I do so…
Much less reliable than on the OT…
I guess this has to do with small value changes that are transmitted while pressing the button and this omits the midi channel setup command…
And the other thing that has to do less with the encoders but with the layout is the inconsistent way the buttons are used…
The layout on the screen when doing tempo setup for example is not the same as in the delay setup…
It is as if different design teams worked on the several display pages… I still stumble over that after months of usage…


I think the behaviour for regular turning and pushed-down turning should be reversed.
Particularly for Pitch, delay time, LFO speed, the default behaviour would make more sense if it was locked to logical values. And for pitch I’d much prefer chromatic values over the current choice between super-accurate (regular), double octaves (Function held), or steps of 4 (encoder pushed down).

Having said that, I’m really not crazy about the acceleration of the encoders. When trying to set anything to an exact number, it takes methodical, slow turning. When you’re 0.1 over or under, it can take quite a distance for that last click to happen, and if you go too fast you’ve overshot it by 0.5. Especially for live performance, it’s far from ideal…


After 3 months use, I still feel like the encoders are a major weak point. I have got used to how awkward they are for most of the things I do but they slow down processes imo and I genuinly hav’nt found one situation where I need to get to a point inside the available scale in a hurry, func+ encoder gives you max and min fast but when just using the encoder it is largely luck where you land, i want to be able to make reliable movements live but I cant.

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2nd this, acceleration is too quick.

I agree. sometimes its a bit too fine tuned.

Thank goodness this can be addressed in future firmware. Maybe elektron could even add an acceleration setting so it can be set to individual preference


reminds me of the sensitivity settings in console FPS games. but it would be a great idea.

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I also agree that the sensitivity and inability to dial in values is one of the biggest issues with the DT.

and also agree that COARSE mvts should be standard and FINE should be with the encoder pressed.
Musical timing divisions for delay and other settings also standard and FINE with a press.


I really like these new encoders not having any problems, the older boxes did my nut in, reminded me of undoing a nut and bolt to find those sweet spots , scuze the pun lol… well done is all i can say!

From the perspective of someone who has never used Elektron gear prior to the DT, they are a little awkward compared to my MPC60 and SP1200.

I don’t like the push functionality… can never tell if i’m pressing down or engaged in the correct function when doing so.
Maybe I mentioned this before, but a tone from the unit or a click from the knob itself to indicate a press on the encoder would make more sense?

Also, turning the knob has no affordance feedback—incremental value. A little too ultra sensitive… when you’re going for that specific number and it keeps jumping or running past where you’d like to be.

I think the knobs are too close together both horizontally and vertically. Sometimes you want to perform some P-locks on the top row of knobs, but you accidentally swipe the knob below it with the palm of your hand (thenar or fatty part of your thumb).


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Agree with you on this 1,000% . This function should be addressed in future OS update… @weareelektron

Again… agree 1,000% — also the ability to change and edit encoder sensitivity in the Settings Mode should be available in a future OS update.