Digitakt-Users - How do you like the new encoders?

Hey Digitakt-and-former-elektron-products-users,
it would be nice to read some opinions.
How do you like the quality and feel of the new encoders on the Digitakt in comparison to the old ones?
Did some research here already, but couldn´t find too much info about the encoders, only the new buttons…
Muchos gracias,

Never spent a ton of time with the older machines but for what it is worth I really like the encoders, very fine detail on them… that said you really do have to do the repetitive feather touch for slow subtle changes, the current acceleration on them feels right to me letting you really make drastic changes in and instant if you want. Down side is just brushing them can cause them to change just a tad at times. Luckily stuff like the sample selection doesn’t just change with a knob turn you have to hit yes also and other stuff a very subtle change wont really be noticeable.

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Can’t stand them. Really hard to make sale changes. My Analog rytm was much better to use.

And whole numbers should be the standard. And press and turn for more precision. Not the way it is now. Totally backwards.


Me like. Sometimes when i want a whole increment it can be a bit fiddly.

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For me the behaviour of the encoders is the biggest downfall of the digitakt. I love this machine but on a lot of functions the parameters change to slow or to fast.
It’s still nice to use the DT but the feel could be so much better with optimized encoder sensitivity imo.


When turning slowly, the encoders are precise and accurate but when turning fast, it can get chaotic with extreme increments or decrements. For example, if a sample is at a pitch tune of 1.56 and I need it at 4.00, turning quickly will land me at 9.87 or 12.03. Its a pain.


OS 1.03 here.
tbh the speeding up and slowing down of the encoders bugs the hell out of me when trynna do fine adjustments. I’d way prefer em to be like the old ones. press to go fast. done


Are the encoders still plastic?

Yeah they are kind of crazy to use. Too broad then too fine then too broad then too fine is a problem I run into with them. Sometimes you just need it medium.


this is one thing about them that i really dont like. knob acceleration is killing my workflow.

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Maybe a hold func and turn for fine adjustments and switch the acceleration so it’s medium to fast


they are fine!! the only downfall i could say is that when enabling midi and you have to func and push the encoder it doesnt always activate or deactivate it with the first try…

maybe its a OS thing…


Right, I have the DT, I did sell it but next day the fella came back with personal issues blah blah and I decided to give it another chance in the bunker.

The new resolution/encoders are great on certain pages but a total arse on others.
I hate having to gently twist the knobs to get to a particular setting and it’s frustrating but by the same measure the fine tuning available is arguably beneficial.

Think I’ll tax it as ‘something to get used to’.

At the end of the day it is what it is and that’s the end of it really…

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i dont know, im sure it can be adjusted

same for me, but i “could” live with it, halfways.
What i can´t live with is the klicking function respectivly malfunction there !!

activating the midipages is one thing, kind of annoying, but you do it just once.
but when it comes to delete locks, mainly the conditional trig locks does the whole thing become ugly.

strange thing is: it feels like some parameters work better or even fine to delete a lock,
some parameters work stiffer but some are totally unruly to delete a lock. ( cond triggs )
so it has to be the software not the hardware itself ? just a guess

personally, my opinion on elektron:
what´s here is here ! any optimisation beyond bug settlements is guessing in the dark…
some love to details might come, it might take years, or we might get it with the MKII model ? who knows

Don’t own one but never liked Elektron encoders to start with. DT sounds even worse?
Why is it so hard to turn a knob? It’s really strange, don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with any other hardware.
Just waiting for them to put good old fashioned standard pots on.
Dave Smith ended up having to do it, and what a difference that made

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The encoders are capable of really fine adjustments, which is a great thing when you are working with trimming audio files, adjusting loop points, start/end times. This makes the Digitakt great for umm…“playing the audio file”, as in jumping around to different positions, doing granular-ish stuff, and so on, while you have a pattern going.

The actual encoders are absolutely great. The “problem” is that you have that same level of control system-wide. I can see how that will annoy some people for sure (especially if you a slight case of parameter nr OCD, I know I do:). If you wanna tune a sample, set a specific value for the LFO speed (or whatever), you either gotta be slow and patient with the knob movement, or you quickly reset it->press the encoder down and just dial in a value that way. I’m thinking that the acceleration kicks in a bit too fast in those sections. just nudging it down a notch would probably make it all a bit more user friendly. But I wouldn’t want the encoders to be slower in the source->wave view section. Nor the filter cut/res area…and prolly some other I can’t think of now

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Getting better, I have full faith that they will be amazing as elektron fine tunes the response in the software over the next update or two. Feel really nice to me from a hardware perspective. But new hardware for Elektron means new software, and almost inevitably, bugs

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Out of curiosity, I bet users of the Heat are loving using the pots Elektron have put on there for most functions?
Must be nice turning that filter cutoff. Got a little hopeful when seeing pots for the first time on an Elektron product. Actually take that back, Sidstation had them :ecstatic:

to me, heat is a breeze and a pleasure. nothing seems out of place or ‘tuned wrong’. love that envelope follower routing and the LFO of course. all very nicely responding to modulation over midi and CV in, makes my modular sound rude and is my soundcard :joy:

when i finally started using the soundcard portion the light went on. $700 is a tad much to pay but it is a beautifully usable machine. bravo elektron!