Digitakt unresponsive buttons issue

Hey everyone,

I’ve started up my Digitakt a few days ago and suddenly all the rightmost buttons didn’t respond anymore. This concerns the LFO, PAGE and TRACK 8 and 16 buttons. When I press them nothing happens, no light feedback and nothing in terms of sound or interface… Here is a video that demonstrates the problem (sorry for the external link but the file is too big to be embeded). I’ve tried booting the device in test mode by holding down the FUNC button, but here pressing these buttons does nothing either.

I’ve also tried opening up the box to spray some dry air cleaning into it hoping it would solve the issue but that didn’t help. I would like to check further if I can see something wrong but to fully open up the box I need to disconnect these two red ribbon cables and I’m not sure how to do that, I don’t want to damage anything by pulling too hard or something so if someone has instructions on how to do it the right way I would gladly take it.

Lastly, I’ve opened a ticket at the Elektron support but my I bought the device from second hand more than 2 years ago so I doubt it’s still under warranty, so I don’t know if they will be able to do something for me. I’m still waiting on their response.

Any ideas or help would be very welcome!
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just grab them firmly by the ribbon above the connector and pull up. They just pop off and back on. That night be a good place to start; re-seating the ribbon cables as they connect the screen and button array to the main PCB.

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Hi, thank you for the tips! I’ve tried unplugging the ribbon cables and plugging them back in but the problem still remains.

I’ve received an answer from support in the meantime saying they can’t do much other than taking it for unwarranted repair so I guess that’s my only option now :man_shrugging: