Digitakt Project Manager - early Alpha

Maybe get with @void. He’s the master of Strom for the AR and is in the process of developing something really amazing for digitakt and iOS. Maybe a collaboration between y’all? I dunno. But at any rate, go check out what he’s working on.

Edit: I am by no means taking any thunder from you, this is a really awesome way to manage the digitakt. I’m just suggesting that maybe you two can get together and possibly come up with something really awesomous!


@mzero just wanted to say that it’s people like you who make this community so amazing. I wish you all the best and hope to make great use of your app very soon!



@mzero Nice work. Was this built with elm? Also, why not release the source? I’d love to collaborate!

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Awesome, I love that the samples are highlighted when you scroll over the patterns.

Update: What’s this dark magic?!!!

Getting closer to functional…


awesome work

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really cool. props. strange that elektron always leaving those important out when creating a new product that cost pretty money. good job man

i am new to Elektron. Did they also release the original octatrack in beta? Maybe they live by the “release early, release often” rule :slight_smile:

This project manager looks really great, and it’s really inspiring to see the work you’ve done on it so far :smiley:

thanks! i will try this as soon as mine arrives

Well… And as soon as I get the software into beta! Elektron still hasn’t released firmware that supports project import/export.


okay… thats a very useful upcoming feature to look forward to

AWESOME work Mark!

mzero nice work! i’m professional frontend developer and can get github link for creating pull-requests? I would pleasure work with it.

Don´t you think Elektron will now find an own solution to keep it by thereselves?
I hope they will also implement a Wave-Editor, something you can already find more than once for a KORG Volca Sample.
It´s a shame having a so powerfull machine and no chance to backup it!

I’ve open sourced work in the past - both personal (I’m mzero@ on github, too!) and work related.

I will probably open source this one as well… but the code is currently in a bit of limbo as I wait for Elektron to release a firmware that allows the code access. I suspect some of the structure of the code will have to be overhauled once I find out the “shape” of the new parts of the protocol. Also, I’m still re-structuring how to fit the +Drive directory into the project.

So - I welcome your offer of input - but I’m going to wait for the code to settle a bit. I don’t think I confirmed it above, but yes, the project is written in Elm - I’m a big fan of functional programming. The CSS framework is Bootstrap.

No. They have been supportive of other third party software solutions in the past. Their utility software isn’t a profit center itself… and I’m pretty sure they view software like this as helping sell their hardware.

I cant follow this Argumentation, so you think what can´t be done by Elektron can be done by third parties and will help selling their products better!?

I hope they have the same understanding of selfblaming like you!

Good luck dude!

See: Strom and/or Collider apps. Def helped sell ARs.


Have you not been part of the elektron community for very long?
There are quite a few third party software/apps that elektron is more than alright with. It hasn’t seemed to caused any problems with official elektron released stuff either