Digitakt Overbridge multitrack with external interface?

Hey guys,

sorry for my first post beeing a question rather than a useful contribution to the forum, but i couldn’t find any answers so far or I’m missing something very obvious.

I’m having a setup of a Digitakt (and boi, do i love that machine), several synths, drummachines, effects etc. going via mixer with ext. outputs into ableton on windows 10. It’s all about having everything recorded on different channels if possible, so i can edit/sample/chop/whatever that stuff later out the jams.

How do you guys record multiple tracks from the Digitakt while having a casual interface as your end point of the hardware setup? On Ableton I can use only one instance of the VST per physical unit, which means one single track of the Digitakt, be it 1-8 or the master.
Do you really switch to the Digitakt as interface while ditching the rest of your gear or use the audio output of the standalone Overbridge to create samples?

I kinda thought the VST would enable me to send the Digitakt tracks to different channels on my DAW, but maybe I’m just too blind.

Thanks for your input!

Also wondering if i’ve missed something here. Feels weird to not be able to Multitrack out via the VST on Digitakt.

There are step by step instructions for multitracking in Ableton on pg.35 of the manual available here: https://www.elektronauts.com/uploads/default/original/3X/d/d/dde43283aeae4ecfefb2f698fdec5b5024c983af.pdf

Please let us know if this doesn’t work for you…


Thanks ! good answer, can you please tell me why I have noise and Digitakt making a noise, I cannot multitrack it.

I don’t really use Overbrigde, I ran OB1 for about a month over two years ago, haven’t touched the beta.

I’m sure folks around here can help you but you’ll need to write up a lot of details about how you’ve tried to set it up… :slight_smile:

Hello there…I opened a similar topic a couple of days,maybe you can find some help from it.

I fixed it and it works great on Mac.
I set it up like this:
Digitakt outputs to focursite 6i6 inputs
6i6 outputs to speakers.

In Live setting I choose Inputs DT(make sure all the inputs are enabled)
And outputs I choose 6i6.

Then make a midi track and open the OB vst in that,next you make 8 audio channels and select audio from: Digitatk
Now you should be able to see all the DT tracks which you can assign one by one to the tracks you made earlier.
It should work with no noises.
Hope it helped,

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Got it sorted now :slight_smile:
For me it was the routing from the plugin to the audiochannels, which i didnt get right on my own. The manual was very helpful in that regard.
Thanks for the answers guys!


Guelden can you help me out please? overbridge is working fine only if I set the elektron device to be the audio interface in the Ableton preferences. the moment I switch to my external soundcard no audio is captured anymore (the overbridge vst stop working). My set up is
A&H Xone:96
windows 10

Have tou switched to Overbridge Mode on the Digitakt?