Digitakt out now!


It was more or less the same situation when the Analog Heat was finally out, I ordered it directly from Elektron and despite giving me the same 5-8 days notice in “we are a bit overwhelmed” mode, they sent it a couple of days after the order. Hang in there, they are working hard :fist:

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Sure thing. They’re probably assembling units day and night. Experienced the same thing when I ordered my AR. I prefer to give them my business directly I just don’t understand what keeps them from making clear that it takes a few days for orders to ship. Instead it’s implied that orders will ship straight away.

funny thing is: after the official Release notification from Elektron, Bax-Shop just sent me a mail and adjusted the delivery date again. this time to week number 23; which would be next week! i hope they dont hoax me again …

I’ve just recieved an email from Bax that the delivery of the digitakt will be in week 22… that is this week!!! Excited!

The (french) shop I ordered it to confirmed me that he will receive some units on June 5th. Let’s wait and see :slight_smile:

bax germany told me that they get theirs 6-6 and ship asap, so thats week 23

Hi, just been informed that my retailed that Elektron have put back fulfilling orders of Digkitakt a few weeks.

Seems like orders make direct on the Elektron website shop in the last few days have been fulfilled though… Bit annoying…

Anyone else heard any news on this?


The reseller I ordered it from just move the date of availability to next Friday :slight_smile:

Sorry for thread followers un-interested in delivery dates but i Just talked to BAX (NL) and they ensured me that they’ll get the DT early next week (week 22) so 6th or 7th of June, then process it in their warehouse and ship it.

I’m sure it’ll arrive just in time for a weekend jam as Baxs’ delivery is normally pretty swift!

I can’t wait.

Thats week 23 though?

Great info, im leaving the 8th of june, would be pretty goddamn great if its in time to take it with me.

yeah sorry for the typo, you’re right! 23 it is

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No worries mate, we are all human.

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Just ordered mine, retailer said that he’s expecting delivery on Monday.

It’s my first Elektron box and I’m really excited! I’ve watched every video of the DT so far and I find it very capable and fun to use! I didn’t think much of it before SuperBooth but all the demos there changed my mind.

I’m an MPC guy, was planning to get the MPC X once it hit the stores but I couldn’t control my GAS any longer!! :smiley:

Ok so, like others on here I paid for and ordered yesterday direct from elektron as soon as I saw the email saying DT was ou despite having preordered elsewhere.

I figured that shipping would be imminent- certainly saw nothing to suggest otherwise. I expected a estimated shipping date when my order was confirmed but nothing. Does anyone know when I might expect it to ship?

I ordered my dt at midi amsterdam, a very good synth store in amsterdam
I read on the forum that de Digitakt is out now
My retailer didnt hear anything yet.

Is this normal? More stores just waiting without hearing anything from elektron?

Same here. One of the biggest german if not european retailers and yet no ETA.

Week 23 delivery, and I ordered last week. Think I was just in time as now the date on the site is 5 weeks.

I wish Elektron would just let everyone know what’s going on with shipping. It would be the polite thing to do for customers that have been waiting for months. I don’t think this would damage there company. Just tell us when it will be shipping to the retailers.

An important part of customer experience is to keep the customer informed. Thats why track and trace works like it does… people usually dont care delay, but they dont like delay combined with a black box and have no idea what they are waiting for.

The products elektron delivers are very well user centered.
Their service is not.

So come on elektron.
If you communicate ‘Digitakt is out now’
Then please tell my retailer when they can expect it.