Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


scale-per-track renders any argument for a ‘song’ mode mostly moot for me. also lessens the need to split parts across two tracks with conditionals for longer patterns. a welcome feature.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ll aim to check on it soon.


This is doooooope :raised_hands:


Insane, I’m amazed but not surprised. Thanks for living up to our high expectations Elektron!!!


Holy shit. I just played around with the scale per track. I had NO IDEA how much I wanted this. Jesus Christ. Thank you Elektron :heart_eyes:


Wow! Fantastic updates! Thanks very much Elektron! Good timing also, I have a couple of days off, so an exciting long weekend ahead!!


It was quite an awakening for me recently to experience what all the fuss is about with Elektron gear, and then they go and surprise me with a meaningful update like this. :heart_eyes:


digitakt is freezing during the “OS UPGRADE RECEIVING” screen when i want to update…

any solution?



Anybody could point where I can find the list of updates implemented for DT 1.11?


In the OS download package from Elektron’s support page.

Reproduced here for convenience:

List of changes from OS 1.10 to 1.11


Added support for Overbridge plugin.

Added scale per track functionality to the sequencer.

Added functionality to randomize page parameters. [PARAMETER] + [YES] to randomize. [PARAMETER] + [NO] to reset PARAMETER page to its last saved state.

Delay Time parameter values are now displayed as note values on relevant steps.

Added the possibility to revert changes made by using the Control all functionality.

Implemented reload track Sound functionality. ( [TRK] + [TRIG 1-8] + [NO] ) Several track Sounds can be reloaded at the same time by pressing multiple [TRIG] keys.

Added the option to select if audio over USB is Post or Pre track level.

The screen saver now turns off the screen after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Added option to mute internal output from main ( USB CONFIG menu).

Added USB to main volume setting ( USB CONFIG menu).

Added support for pattern mutes over CC/NRPN.

Bug fixes

It was not possible to use the MANAGE SOUNDS menu to copy Sounds to the Sound Pool.

The sequencer started after preroll, even if it was stopped before the end of the preroll.

Controlling the VAL1 parameter on MIDI tracks, using an external controller did not work.

The MUTE mode could under some circumstances be deactivated when pressing [BANK] or [PTN] .

Control All function did not work on the TRACK LEVEL parameter.

Changing PARAMETER page did not always close the open menu.

Pressing [YES] when browsing an empty Sound Pool returned an error.

CC values were sent even if the value was disabled ( [FUNC] + DATA ENTRY knob) if an LFO was assigned to the CC value.

The Bank selection was still active after timeout if a [TRIG 1-8] key was pressed during the timeout process.

MIDI Bank Select sent from the MIDI tracks output the message in the wrong format. An additional SBNK parameter is now added to the SRC page on the MIDI tracks.

Sometimes, in MUTE mode a high amount of trigs playing in the sequencer caused the colors to get stuck.

[NO] + [TRIG 9-16] keys did not clear trigs on MIDI tracks in LIVE RECORDING mode.

The [FUNC] key’s state remained as “pressed” if [FUNC] + key opened a dialog box window, even after the dialog box was closed.


“Added the possibility to revert changes made by using the Control all functionality.”
Was not that the case in 1.10? Func+No?
Or am I mistaken with another function?..


I tried it @vasidudu . While holding TRK and making changes, if you press NO before releasing TRK, it’ll revert the changes. Really sweet!


Right then.
So actually if you do not release the TRK key, pressing NO will revert to “saved state pattern”?
Even more direct then :slight_smile:
Thx @Eaves


Yeah, seems like that’s how it’s acting. If I get used to TRK+NO and get rid of the FUNC+NO habit, then I think I’ll save myself a lot of accidental overwrites :smiley:


Did you temp save at center setting before trying to revert?


No - looks like I missed you needed to do that. Did seem a bit too much like magic otherwise - shame :slight_smile:


So, you need to temp save when you get all your settings the way you want. Then when you make changes, it’ll revert to the intended state. Otherwise, it’ll revert to “new projects” settings.


Thanks for the awesome update. I’m glad to see that what we have been requesting has been granted :pray:t2:
Really hope to see LFO Designer in next update.


Yeap :slight_smile: if you started from scratch and never saved before that is.
I press quick save and temp save so many times automatically it’s insane. No way I want to risk messing up a good thing. So after a while it comes naturally;)


Right but this was added in the previous update.
Still it doesn’t revert all pages only if you go back on those pages and press NO (while not letting go of MIDI button.