Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


Transfer is primarily for sample management c6 is better for sysex work. Also make sure your midi in and out settings on the digitakt are set to usb only NOT usb/midi. It’ll go WAY faster if it’s not limited to din midi speeds


Ohhhhh this is great!!! Is this feature also available for Digitakt? (Guess it does, right?)


ok now I see it… somehow I had delay set at 60 in C6 and it was stalling. Set it back to 0 and no problems now.


Now we are talking… Elektron do the same for :elan: please.


its all working now thankyou!


This execution is so brilliant! Well done!


Can anyone from Elektron say whether the broken SysEx backup from the beta has been fixed? It’s not in the release notes…



Wow, what an update!

It is now possible to live record sound slots when in MULTI MAP mode.

I was just mentioning this in another thread and voila! Here it is.

Hello, fingerdrumming! :heart_eyes:


Please let it be :pray:t5:


Sweet update. Great work Elektron!

Mindblowing how much music you can get out of a single pattern now. Per track scaling, length and on top of that trig conditions.

Long slow changeing chord progressions on a midi track here I come!


Quick bug report with randomise, already:

  • Track 2 (though I imagine any track)
  • AMP page.
  • Turn pan from hard right - where it already is for the project - to centre.
  • Randomise AMP page. Works fine.
  • Revert AMP page back with Parameter+NO.
  • The pan returns to hard right, rather than the centre position I’d manually put it in before the randomise.

Not yet sure if similar behaviour can be reproduced on other pages or with other parameters. I’d assume this is not as intended as it doesn’t make sense…





By the way am I deranged or was some form of randomization already previously implemented on the DN?


I cannot answer the former but randomization of parameters was in DN 1.20.


Thanks for yet another properly substantial DN update.

It’s my 1st Elektron … and it’s an absolute joy.


As per manual p.38 (download the most recent version), it is said that the revert will go to the last saved state, so if you hadn’t saved the position of the AMP to center, I think it’s normal that it is reverted to hard right.


Crazy good news :smiley:


Maybe we could get Scale per Track for Rytm one day, just dreaming :wink:




Ah gotcha, so like a macro version of “reload pattern”. Didn’t realise that - thanks. Not quite as powerful as I thought then.


Yes, this should have been fixed. Works fine for me, but that is not a 100% guarantee if there are any other edge cases.