Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


Great to see some Kaizen love for the Digiboxes!
Thank you Elektron!


Massive! Scale per track and ratio fine tune are big news! Many thanks to the Elektron Devs!


You also can trade resolution for length…so chord sequences at half time on a 4 four bar pattern play out over 8 bars…you still have 64 steps, but they’ll just hit on every 8th note instead of every 16th.


@Le_filou my man, it’s an happy day ! :beers:


Wow guys!! I waited to buy my Digitone until Portamento was there. I thought scale and tuning would be a bit farther down the road. Absolutely ecstatic over here!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


anyone have any idea why my digitakt wont upgrade, trying to transfer this and its just stopping one third of the way, while the transfer app is saying transfer complete.


same problem here, use C6 it works better for me


ill try it, can i still transfer by usb? or is it the midi ports


usb and midi :wink:


thankyou you saved my day it worked! didnt even know about c6 lol


Track Scaling!!! Are you kidding me!!! This is a game changer. Recently I’ve been using my Yamaha Reface CS looper in sync with my DN to get longer chord phrases. But now, I can do it all from the Digitone. This is an awesome update and extremely unexpected. I haven’t even wrapped my hear around the ratio adjustments yet.

PS. I’m assuming track scaling will work for the 4 midi tracks, correct?


Thank you three thousands!

Now I have hope for stereo monitoring on the Digitakt! But Scale per Track is already a huge deal and you’ve made my day!


Finally I can recreate John Chowning’s “Stria” for my instagram feed!


where is this randomize page feature on digi i dont see it


The clock for each track can run at different divisions. So you can do things like make an 8-bar bassline or have a 3:4 polyrhythm, which required some mind warping work-arounds before.


gotcha. Yes, that could be really useful sometimes!


Add me to the list of scale per track appreciation people. Thank you kindly Elektron.


New Digitakt manual: page 38.

New Digitone manual: page 22.

New Digitone Keys manual: page 23.


IKR! LFO on ratio microtuning is sooo good. :sunglasses:


anyone experienceing painfully slow OS upgrades on the DT? C6 is taking fooooreeevverrrrr. At this rate it will take hours to update the OS. I did have any problems with the Beta OS installs at all.