Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


Yes, who didn’t… And then you usually have to reload your project, and thus quick save it and curse yourself.


Yay for BANK and SBNK fixes.

@eangman: Why is SBNK not described in the Digitakt 1.11 manual?


Thats great news! Very nice! Scale per track is something a lot of people will find very good!





YES!!! Randomize on Digitakt.


Yes yes yes…was actually going to sell the digitone but not now!!!


scale per track means, that each track can have its own tempo division.

eg: chords on a track run at 1/4th of the speed (4x longer sequence) and hihats on 2x the speed


Just had a quick play with scale per track on Digitakt. You can even have triplets so tons of weird possibilities with that and different track lengths. Thanks Elektron! \0/


Oh Wow, that’s fantastic. I can see why it was so often requested. Thanks my friend.


Oh yeah! Bow bow…chk chk chkaaaaa :heart:


This is positively madness!
Brilliant updates. I was pretty content with how the machines were sold. This is like waking me up and treating me with real italian ice-cream times a 100.


Ahemm… a very good question… I have to look in to that. Thanks for letting me know.


:joy: so does that mean it is in the works?
Would be fantastic on Rytm


Awesome update! :heart:
Can’t wait to try it.
The reversible CTRL ALL seems like a great intuitive function…

Hoping the future brings BPF and stereo monitoring (with some kind of gain control) and I promise I’ll stop asking for features :nerd_face:


Great !


100% covfefermed. That dude does not make stuff up, so somebody just needs to let :3lektron: know :wink:


Fixed now! Thanks again.




Absolutely fantastic!


Ok good, I think? Lol