Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


yes, i wish the Digitakt dealt with ext audio in the same way as the Digitone does.

Such a shortcoming if you are sequencing an external synth etc on the Digitakt. Must try this again when back at my Digitakt in case I missed something.


I did try this only once at the very beginning, but if you enter with a stereo signal in the DT but output will be “monofied”. No Stereo thru monitoring yet available.


I imagine it must have something to do with the sheer amount of data already fighting its way in over proper USB transport to reach Overbridge without glitching/artifacts? (USB & data-limitations besides hardware limitations?) The Digitone has less audio output tracks so there’s more room for 2 additional contenders, i assume?

So i dont see it as a shortcoming, the machine is already peaking. But it would have been a nice little extra.


Is it safe to switch out the unit when it‘s hanging on recieving the update file through transfer?


IIRC this only works via overbridge. The standalone DT sums to mono when monitoring.


You are absolutely right.
Not possible, its summed.
(Cross referenced it again on headphones in standalone)

It was a bit confusing, hard to tell while stereo audio is obviously being played back when using the DT as an audio device and therefore USB L+R is also heard as stereo. It must have been in the excitement of all the new features?

I almost killed my ears getting a digital feedback loop in the process.


I was mistaken, sorry for the inconvenience


no worries - hopefully they provide for stereo aux in in the future - makes sense they should given the midi sequencer and avoids the need for an external mixer to bring the digitakt together with a stereo external synth routing through it.


The digitakt glitches from time to time when running overbridge in Logic - the glitches are unexpected and incredibly loud, so much so that if I’m doing normal monitoring levels I’m worried my hearing will get damaged… it’s worse than before with the beta overbridge. This includes both 256 and 128 IO buffer sizes


I can also confirm that switching off Overbridge in USB config solves the issue. I did get stuck for a second trying to update my Digitone with Transfer… weird that Digitone requires upgrading via C6 and not Transfer.


Just press ‘No’ and it will cancel the transfer. Then go into System > USB Config and select USB Midi. Then reconnect via Transfer and it should work.


Love the new features. The way ratio offsets are implemented is very nice, and another way that makes Digitone something really different as an FM synth.

Latest version of overbridge is causing me some dropouts and crackles when I adjust parameters on the digitone itself. Using Live 9 on Mojave.


You know what is up. This feature. :heart_eyes:


Can you imagine how magical that would be on the machine?!


sorry if i’m dumb, but where can I access the master tune function on my Digitone ?
The other features I have already discovered with great joy :slight_smile:


It is in settings, just scroll all the way to the bottom


Would kind of be nice to be able to set a revert on release option (system options?) for those of us who are prone to hit the wrong thing in moments of anxiety.

I’m not brave enough to use it live for that reason.


After update I cannot load my saved projects. ‘Load error’ what the Digitakt says. Any idea?


This would actually be a great performance tool!


Thats not a bad idea indeed :slight_smile: It does not really harmonize with the other shortcuts for reloading stuff, but as a option, why not? As always, no promises if it will happen or not, but I will add it to the future feature list.