Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21

It’s kind of similar in concept to what the Rytm’s performance macros do - let go of the pad, you’re back to normal :slight_smile: @Dataline would be killing it with this!

I do see one drawback with this setup, and that is that it would be impossible to “keep” any changes you do with Control All. Sooner or later you would have to let go of that key and then things will revert even if you got some wicked thing going that you would like to keep. Then also, since the Octatrack, we have moved away from making a lot of customization settings in our machines since this is one of the things that adds to the complexity of them. Not trying to rain on your parade, just started to think of how it would actually work.
But, as I said, I have forwarded the idea to the people in power here, so let’s see :slight_smile:


Personally I like this idea a lot, how about clicking yes keeps the changes and overrides the elastic response. As it stands it’s very easy to permanently accidentally mess things up and for me the elastic approach would be more useful.

I think the idea is interesting but it’s really not necessary once the user gets in the habit of doing quick saves and reverting. Most of the time I use control-all on a few different parameters over the course of minutes or longer, then revert after jamming on it for a while, and sometimes I don’t revert at all but end up liking the changes.

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I think one cool aspect of this would be speed: you’d be able to do quick flicks for a split second before letting go. This is much more nerve-wracking when func+yes is very close to your finger, as opposed to not having to worry about pressing func+no :slight_smile:

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I like it the way it is, so any changes should’nt interfere with the current temp save/reload procedure imo.

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Just chiming in to say I’ve wasted about an hour trying to figure out a work around for ^this issue without setting things to infinite. I also dropped all tracks to 1/2x and it still occurs.

I only got to update my DigitoNe today. I can’t thank you enough for scale per track. thank you ad infinitum elektron :slight_smile: :pray:t3:


People are always talking the randomize function on dt but it’s so dope on dn too, still trying to wrap my head around scale per track…

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Has anyone found a solution to this?

It’s a confirmed bug apparently. Only thing to do really is wait for a fix.

Does the Rytm or the Octatrack have the same scale per track functionality like the digitakt now has?

Octatrack does, I doubt that Rytm does because the A4 does not, but I’ve never owned a Rytm. I seem to think up until these updates, the OT was the last Elektron to have it.

Rytm does not

Those elektron guys are pretty clever dudes, there is no one machine that covers everything.

Show us one from another company that does everything ppl. want. You will not find it. That would be an egglayingwoolnmilkgivingpig.


I don’t think there is anything we can and do on our end… just use one pattern tracks for now.

Hi, I’ve noticed with firmware 1.11 on Digitakt, now I can’t disable the retriggers locks. I mean, if I enable a retrig on certain step, I use an up arrow key, but after that i’d like to disable that retrig, I use a down arrow key but it changes values of rate instead of disable the retrig.

Someone has reported some similar behaviour ?

Hello, you just have to turn the A knob counter clockwise while the retrig window is displayed. Got me confused too…

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Thanks! So it means that changes !