Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


You’ll need to upgrade ob to the newest beta as well


Usually this is due to being in overbridge mode vs usb midi only. Also make sure your midi in and out settings on the dt are set to only usb not usb/midi this will enable faster transfers.

Don’t use any usb hubs

Also never use transfer. Use C6 to send the update.


Yeah I did but then I read on the OB Beta that for Digitone it works n 1.20 and the latest one is actually 1.21 so I’m guessing that’s the issue.


The Randomize Page is awesome!
Great feature updates


Just tried myself, same issue. Not had this problem with updates before. Have you managed to resolve it? Guide notes state not to turn off so it’s still on, stuck a third of the way through


Yep, that did the trick, thanks a lot :ok_hand:


What’s the best way to give prioritization feedback for feature requests?

Obviously what is possible is possible.


Silly me, forgot to switch over from overbridge mode; has worked now thanks you to pointers. Cheers!


I’ve updated my Digitakt using Transfer every single time since launch and it’s never stalled. I think some folks are using ancient hardware or running hubs or something, I see the stalling issue in every one of these threads but I’ve never encountered it, and I’ve never skipped a firmware. I wonder what causes it??


If on a Mac, just use Sysex Librarian. Flawless upgrades every time.


I forgot to switch over from overbridge mode to usb/midi on the digi. Was solved as soon as I did that


Gotta say scale per track is a revelation


I’m considering a Digitakt and this recent firmware has peaked my interest.

For those Digitakt owners, does the Randomizer also work on the MIDI pages?


Dude it’s amazing, I slept very little last night after installing the new firmware. I regretted it today, but there’s always a price to pay. It really is a game-changer!


Yeah Though C6 Supports Elektron’s Turbo midi protocol. updates in about 20 seconds if setup correctly


An oscillator isn’t stereo.
I think the idea behind the Digitakt is using a sample as the basis, a single soundsource/VCO in the signal chain, taking the synth approach. I personally think keeping it minimal is Elektron’s strength. Going overboard would probably defeat its purpose and make this little mad machine lose its character and uniqueness?

I believe the octatrack got stereo samples covered, and there’s some timestretching + many other features as well?..


I am using C6 and a direct USB connection without a Hub for everything. I even was able to update a Moog Voyager with C6 without a problem…


Not as of now it seems,
who knows what future updates could possibly bring us?


Not samples or sampling, just to hear a stereo mix of DT + ext source from the inputs on the DT outs.

Or am I imagining things and it already does this?


The output of the Digitakt is most certainly in plain Stereo.
(otherwise it would defeat ‘panning’ of sounds?)

The external input (monitor/preview) is for as far as i know, not meant for direct playback of external audio (just a workaround) opposed to the audio inputs on the Digitone, as it can be mixed into the master with fx and all.

I believe the audio heard, depending on the source-settings and input, can be stereo, but it will only sample in mono.

As with using/importing stereo samples, ‘converting’ to mono can at times give undesired results. I don’t know the exact process behind this, so maybe it’s phasing, or summing, sample rate/bitdepth or assumably only playing the Left audio band which is common practise??? Dont know… Some people convert them to mono in an external editor before importing into DT to make sure it translates properly.