Digitakt OS 1.11 beta - questions, issues, bugs, etc


Does the volume doubling happen on the midi track where the OB plugin lives, or on the sub-tracks for all the separate outputs? If just the former, I suppose it kind of makes sense?


the midi plugin track is muted, its on the standalone inputs

just makes one wonder what is the optimal setting


yeah that’s kinda odd, not sure if it’s a bug or intended for some reason. If there’s no phasing then you might as well use the louder one I guess


yeah i figure that too. its not out of sync or anything. Int to Main is off so im not getting that doubling effect

possibly a bug?

perhaps i’ll report it


ok - user error - it was my FX track :see_no_evil:


Has anyone else had problems with Int to main not working properly when set on auto, but only when opening old projects? Newly created projects using the beta OS work as expected. Seems like a possible bug to me.


You already been answered in two other threads.


I’m terribly sorry; cheers in all your endeavours. -:handshake::handshake::handshake:


just wanna report that i’m now able to receive/record OB tracks from the DT in Bitwig 2.5.1 RC 4


I’m running into some issues with this beta.

At times some active MIDI trigs will not fire.

At times chromatic scale mode fails to activate.

Rebooting resolves this only.

I should mention that I have the DT connected through USB ( overbridge ) to my iMac 2018 Mojave OS and using it slaved to Ableton Live.

All MIDI functions routed through MIDI DIN.


I’m having the same above issue with audio tracks as well as MIDI tracks. Failure to fire upon hitting play in Ableton ( master clock source ).

If this persists I will open up a ticket.

Edit: I should mention that not all tracks have this behaviour, just random ones at random times, while the others work as expected.


excuse me but where can i download the digitakt os 1.11 beta !!!




I’m seeing the same thing with long sessions. Sometimes an audio track will go silent, and if you press the trig/track while playing it wakes up.

I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I’ve now seen this several times.

You hit play, and your kick is silent but you hear other tracks, you check your mutes, then by tapping the kick pad it starts playing.

It moves around, and isn’t the same track each time.


Good observation. I haven’t had time to do long sessions lately so probably that’s the reason the issue didn’t show up anymore. I’ve also updated to the latest OB public beta and I thought the issue might have been resolved, but I’ll do more tests soon.

Thanks for your reply!


Got a lot of issues with midi LFOs. LFOs edited in pattern 1 still modulates the parameter even in pattern 2, 3 etc … and sometimes for any reason lots of my digitone sounds parameters were randomized when switching from pattern 1 to another (with the digitakt which sends program change).

Came back to OS 1.10 and no problem anymore.


I am not able to preview samples most of the time since the latest update.

It works sometimes, but usually just no sound at all until i load it to a track


Some times Ratio Trigger Conditions doesn’t work properly, for example 1:2, work like a 2:2, and 2:2, works like 1:2, and another time the ratios doesn’t work well