Digitakt OS 1.06


Anybody experiencing some weird… things happening in logic when connected via USB?


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I’m very happy that MIDI is working as it should now. Huge deal for me.


I’ve noticed strange behavior w/ MIDI when using LFO’s to modulate CCs.


I’m sure it still has some quirks! I’m just glad I can play and record keyboard into it without freezes.


Great news, thanks!
Question: Does the project sysex dump contain everything that is needed for a project in a self-contained way, including samples themselves?
Does the pattern dump contain samples?
Seems plausible as the file is relatively big, but it would be reassuring to see this written by an Elektron representative :wink:

If the project dump contains samples then I am grateful and relieved that this has happened asap. Although it seems slow, even with C6 it seems to take ages in Turbo mode, I think USB is capable of more. Will we have faster project dump later with Overbridge?

Will there be a way in the future to extract individual sample files?

Thanks for the great work!


Samples are not part of the process, just sequence and parameter data. What use it is I dont know but thats what we got and I wouldnt expect it to change, overbridge might bring it all together but then you have a hardware device tied to a computer.