Digitakt OS 1.06

Digitakt OS 1.06 is now available for download from [Elektron.se](https://www.elektron.se/support/?connection=digitakt#resources). This is a bug fix release. Please refer to release notes for specific changes.


Now available!
Fixes distortion level, retrig velocity etc.


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That was quick!


Yay! Johnny on the spot! Finally updating tonight!


Wow…quick as. Wait ages for a bus then two turn up.


Whoomp, there it is!


@Ess Has the receiving program change delay been addressed?


Nice, thanks a lot Elektrons


It’s not in the release notes, so I’m guessing no. I think this release was just to fix a couple of the 1.05 regressions.


Yeah, this is only a hotfix. 1.05b if you will. I won’t but someone might.


Program change is being worked on, but these fixes needed to be out quick.


I appreciate your urgency!


Quick indeed. Wonderful! Thank you :slight_smile:


Great news, thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome! Keep ’m coming!


Can we expect MIDI Retrig to be added in a future update?


Updated to 1.06 (working from home has its benefits :wink: and noticed that there seems to be a clipping especially in the low end. After some playing around it seems that the Master volume was adjusted? Meaning the machine is louder than before, so i just lowered the master volume and raised my monitors and the clipping is gone. Or, nothings changed and its just my imagination, who knows…

Regardless thanks for the quick update guys!


Hi! Thank for this quick fix!

Hopefully i would be able to install it. I just tried do upgrade from the OS to 1.06 but the load bar freeze half way (around 40%), i’ve canceled the uprage and have done another try but it won’t complete and strangely froze on another place (around 70% the second time) each time i try again, does anyone have the same issue?


RIP 1.05 - we hardly knew ye. :disappointed_relieved::skull: