Digitakt OS 1.06


Odd. Try setting it to USB only in the MIDI Port Config menu (press Cog wheel, select MIDI Config then MIDI Port Config and change MIDI Output and Input to USB)

Or try using C6 instead if Transfer is not having it.


So with midi loopback double tapping stop will freeze the DT.
If you have Dt set as midi slave to another sequencer n double tap stop on that master sequencer will the DT freeze or is that a way around it?

and… in another scenario if you mute the DT midi tracks and then double tap stop will that still freeze it?


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I updated just fine using Sysex Librarian, and sending the update over MIDI (not USB)


Does the double tap midi bug only apply to when you first stop the pattern?, can I press stop, wait then double tap stop to cut the decay tails?.


I just resent the file again on Transfer while it was idle and it seemed to work. Thanks!


so having the DT as slave to another unit will make no difference as double stopping a different master sequencer will send all-off command to DT too? is that the vibe?


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I don’t know what this steven guy did, but I sure as heck would like to see his reply if it was relevant to how this works :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he was only explaining that in the case of a MIDI loop, the stop message is conveyed to the MIDI OUT as per MIDI standard, and thus received in the MIDI IN. Thus the feedback loop.


Cool, thx


I overall love the Digitakt its a very inspirational machine. I’ve had my unit since it first came out and have been updating it regularly with each subsequent patch. I haven’t complained about any of the previews updates however this latest patch has me extremely upset, because its changed the sound of my patterns. I make heavy use of the track lvls, overdrive and bit reduction effects now that they have changed my songs all sound like they are clipping or are now producing unintended artifacts. Between OS 1.05 and 1.06 I’m not sure what exactly happend at this point, if its the 6db reduction, then boost or the altered effects. I spent hours with each track dialing in the right amount of effect now they all have to be revisited. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I wish I could go back to 1.04. If you have any shows/performances coming up I would not recommend updating as I did.

Anyone else experiencing this on 1.06?


Someone had a copy of 1.04 that they shared. I downloaded it and could email it to you if you like?

Message me your email and I’ll forward it to you?


Hey Ryan! I really appreciate the help I believe I still have 1.04 saved on my laptop at home. If I do not I will definitely PM you. I was under the impression that you couldn’t retroactively change the OS? Have you successfully done this with your DT?


I haven’t done it personally- but I’ve seen testimonies of people that have done so with no problem.

I’m sure there were people talking about it on the Digitakt OS 1.05 thread, if you feel like investigating


Gustav, since this is your first post and it was really informative, I would like to welcome you to the Elektronauts forum.

Keep in mind that despite the howling and gnashing of teeth, many of us here appreciate the efforts of your team.


Just curious, but how did you get that impression?

Fear not. I’ve always been able to upgrade (or downgrade) the OS on Elektron gear, no problem.


Thanks for the info, I’ve been reading the OS 1.05 thread. I can see I’m not the only one with this issue.


This is stated in the release notes with each OS;

“Downgrading the Digitakt OS is not supported, and is performed at own risk. User content may be lost.”

That’s why I have been hesitant. I would rather spend hours getting my tracks readjusted than have my content lost, you know what I mean. I’m glad to hear you have been able to do it successfully!


Well, in my situation(s) I didn’t have tracks to lose since I had already backed up work. Which is hard to do that with the Digitakt right now. So I understand the hesitation. :slightly_smiling_face: