DIGITAKT not connecting to computer


I have the same issue… Sadly OB doesn’t work for me because I can’t select DT as audio interface.


sooo I upgraded to the newst OS and newest OB … I was able to connect my digitakt and is steaming audio on the 12 channels as supposed … but one thing here … if I stream the channels individually then I loose the effects ??? I mean if I onlt use main outs (1 and 2) I can hear the effects from DT but if I sent the sounds to individual channels (the only reason why I want OV installed) it wont go though the effects routing anymore??? please tell me I am doing something wrong!


Thats Normal operation. The effects will only work on the master channel over usb.


hmmm ok … so routing may be my only way out to hear the effects from DT?
I am routing 1 and 2 to main and the rest send to FX so I only hear the wet on the main and the dry on the individual channels … it makes the trick but no want I wanted … :frowning:


Best thing to do is to use digitakts effects for sketching.

Then when you want to record bounce the individual tracks into your daw and replicate the effects in the box.

Dt effects are good, but i can do much better with what i have in my daw


I got my DT yesterday and I’m having trouble connecting it via USB to any of the provided resource apps on my Macbook pro.

In Audio MIDI setup the box for the DT is grayed out as if it is not connected, anyone body know why?

Im also having trouble updating the firmware to the new beta version to use the new OB, C6 won’t recognize USB and update via midi doesn’t seem to work.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated


I was having the Overbridge Engine Fault error in windows 10 pertaining my Digitakt. This prevented me from using the .vst with my DAW. The status of my Digitakt was Incompatible. At this point my Digitakt was firmware 1.10 and my USB mode was set to Overbridge.

I needed to update my Digitakt firmware to the current beta build found on the Overbridge 2.0 public beta thread. To do this I had to switch my USB mode back to USB MIDI Only, launch Elektron Transfer, select my MIDI In and MIDI out to the Digitakt, connect, and then set my Digitakt to wait for a firmware upgrade. Then I placed the .syx file into Transfer, updating my Digitakt. Then I switched my device back over to Overbridge mode and BOOM it works and is recognized by my version of Overbridge.

This kinda seems like a no-brainer but if you’re like me and missed the part where your Digitakt needed to be a beta build for it to work with Overbridge Engine, then spelling it out step by step might help you.


You need to switch the USB settings on the device from Overbridge to MIDI when you want to work with C6.