Digitakt monitor input question


Hello, everyone.
I’m sorry, but it’s rather difficult for me to put this question in one short sentence.
I have Nord Wave, DSI MoPho SE, Arturia Audiofuse and DT. Audiofuse has 4 analog inputs. Nord takes 2 channels and DT takes other 2. Monitor input on the DT is used for MoPho. I want my Nord and DSI share same reverb settings in a DAW. Now it’s impossible without affecting the DT.

As you see I use Audiofuse as a small mixer and don’t want to buy another one. My wish is to play two keyboard synths live and have the DT on drum duty.

Will Overbridge solve this issue?
Unfortunately, the only solution I can find now is to sell the DT and just replace it with my DAW or use the DT in mono.


Sure, OB would allow you to use 2 inputs of the Audiofuse for the MoPho and the other 2 for the Nord Wave, and route all the audio from the Digitakt through USB.

That said, I would not count on having it soon!


Thanks a lot! I will wait then.