Digitakt "Kit" Structure. How is it different?


I avoid that mistake on AR/A4(K)/MM/MD by naming my kits based on the patterns that referenced that kit.

Kit1 : “A1-A4”
Kit2: "A5-A8

Kit7: B9-B12

and so on…


oh yes, I get that (although it does not bother me much in the way I plan to use the DT I see why it is an issue).

I was referring to this:

[FUNC] + [PLAY] (while in GRID RECORDING mode) clears active track.
[FUNC] + [PLAY] (while in no mode or LIVE RECORDING mode) clears pattern.

I often clear the whole pattern when I only wanted to clear a track.

I wish there was a 3 key combination instead - e.g. FUNC + TRACK + PLAY


Does it not have undo like the AR? Just hit the same key combo again. If not, feature request!


you are right - just tried this! it works.


an issue for some. it’s an upgrade in my world. love me some kit per pattern goodness.


This is definitely feeling like an issue to me as I’ll often have multiple patters for one track and want to switch between them on the fly.

Assuming the compromise (which assumes ‘perfect world’ when you’ve got your sound set sorted and can copy/paste patterns to duplicate them), what happens when changing patterns on the fly? Given the same samples in memory etc. is there any interruption to audio playback when switching patterns? If there is, this is probably a deal breaker for me…


No interruption with any Elektrons when switching.


hell no.


I can understand where you guys are common from but in terms of how you might compose a track and the way a tracks sound may change as the track progresses I don’t understand the draw back of the way the digitakt works.
For example.; say you have a pattern A1 which has a drum track, a bass track and synth track. You copy that into patterns A2 and A3. Now you make some variations to the notes of the synth track in pattern A2 and A3 to enhance the melody and make it more musically complex. In so doing you need to shorten the decay of the synth sound and cut the filter slightly so the sound sits well in the busier part of the tune.

Now the question is; why now when you go to play the tune from the start again would you want the changes you made to the synth sound for the busier part of the track (patterns A2-3) to be affecting the synth sound at the start of the tune in pattern A1 ?


Because you might decide you want a fundamentally different sound for one or more of the tracks? What if you decide you want a different kick drum sound for example…?


Ok, I see what you mean.
I guess the question is: why didn’t you decide on the kick sound from the start.
Guess it just highlights the different way people work.


for me the kits/sounds keep changing… tweak tweak tweak tweak… new things happen all the time, exploring the sound space. The sequence has an influence on the sounds…

made a two-pattern chain just once, but when I did, I absolutely missed the ability to copy the kit around…

I mean you can copy things around sound-by-sound, so e.g. if it’s just the kick sound - no problem.

But defo needs kit copy.


Yes, this ^^^ exactly.

If nothing else we need the ability to copy sounds independently of notes/trigs.


^ this you can do! TRK + REC/STOP to copy/paste sounds.

my suggestion for kit copy/clear/paste would be FUNC+TRK + REC/PLAY/STOP, as an extension to the per track ops.


Can you do it for the whole pattern or just per track?


just per track…


it has kits. A collection of 8 sounds + FX is a kit, they’re just not stored independently of the patterns, at least not from the users perspective.


+1 for kits to be freely assignable to patterns.


And it just changes the sound and leaves trigs/plocks intact?

If so this addresses 75% of my concerns about lack of kits. :+1:


yeah it does exactly that.