Digitakt "Kit" Structure. How is it different?


You can save a sound and load into other patterns right?
So when you copy a pattern to copy the kit for a different sequence and you change/tweak a sound in the first pattern, just save and load into the other patterns if needed. It’s maybe a 1 minute job tops.

It can be done, so a kit save/load is just convenient. It’s not a must have at all :slight_smile:


Ah, this works? It’s like the Electribes then. Good enough for me.


I’m certain I saw one of the videos where they played with the first pattern for a while then moved onto the second pattern which had no trigs but did definitely have the same sounds from the first pattern. Not sure if this means much, sadly I don’t get mine until late June living down under and all :wink:


A “copy all or multiple sounds” command, akin to the copy multiple trigs command would suffice, but from the manual that doesn’t look possible either.

Just imagine working on a tune and once you got that pattern and kit dialed in, you then make 7 pattern variations for it, each with different fills.
As you are doing that, you continue to tweak each sound, making different tweaks in different patterns…

Now you want to chain the 8 patterns together, but they each have different kits since pattern = kit.

With the Kit scheme on A4/AK/AR/MM/MD, it’s no big deal. And it’s more than just convenient. It’s an elegant way to manage sounds that multiple patterns reference.

On DT, however you’ve now got to start copying and pasting sounds from one pattern to seven others.
Some would consider this beyond “inconvenient”.
Furthermore, it looks like you have to use the Sound browser (limited to 2048 sounds on +Drive) in order to even do this. As pg34 in the manual only mentions copy/paste for patterns, tracks (notation), track pages, and trigs. No copy/paste sound.

I wonder if saving the Sound to the sound browser would update it across all patterns that reference it? This might work, but it also might be destructive in a less-than-elegant way that we see in the patch library implementation in synths like Blofeld.


Last alinea is it. You are forgetting that within a project you have up to 128 sounds. So when you add a sound to track within a pattern you add it to the Ram. When you copy patterns and tweak a sound within one of those patterns that share that sound, it will change across those patterns. If you don’t want that, you need to save the sound as a new sound and then tweak it.


No. You have 127 samples.

Samples and sounds are not the same thing.


I think it would be sufficient if you could load a pattern into a different bank/number, and then choose if you want to load the sequence, sounds, or both. Since the patterns are already named it would be easy to have a browsable list.


You are right, sorry.

You need to load the tweaked sound across multiple patterns in that case… It’s not something you would do constantly so I don’t mind it that way. But who knows, maybe they’ll implement a better way along the line. It’s not impossible, so that’s something :slight_smile:


i too am hoping for a copy/paste kit function.

not a complete deal breaker for me, but ugh, a lot of unnecessary actions to perform something that’s a mainstay across all elektron devices.


Maybe not you, but I am constantly making changes to sounds across multiple different patterns that share the same kit on Rytm, and Analog Keys, just as a I did on MD and MM.
Hence my concern about this change in workflow.

Kits are elegant. The DT is simplified.
I think we can have a simplified Kit implementation that is also elegant.


I’ll even settle for a copy/paste multiple track sounds function and just do 4 at a time (like how we can copy/paste multiple trigs).


I’ll copy something I wrote on that matter on another thread:

I guess you can use the sound manager to copy the sound to your the library and then copy it to the other pattern. Don’t have a Digitakt for now, but it seems pretty straight forward in the manual (page 25):

“EXPORT TO HERE exports the active track Sound and saves it to the selected slot.”

Just select the slot you want it in (i.e. the slot of the sound you want to replace).

Not as straight forward as loading a full kit, but kind of a workaround for now. The only problem being it will take loads of available slots for the same sounds.


So I’ve only had a quick demo in a club but i think this might be a good set up. When working across multiple patterns for a more complex sequence, not having to save kits for tweaks to sounds that evolve or morph means you don’t get lumped with many (redundant) iterations of kits - kit-1, kit-2, kit-n etc. as I do on the MnM. I guess the difference is that previously you don’t need to save the sequence; just the kit; the opposite of the DT

Either way, It’s a damn sight better than the OT and Parts. I’m forever struggling to remember if a change to a part that i’ve made is critical or damaging to my project and whether or not I should save all or ignore.


i purchased my AR back in early 2015, and this is totally new to me.

I’ll often copy pages or a single trigger, but never multiple trigs. This is very cool, need to figure out a time to put this to use.

Thanks for the heads up on this one!

In case it’s new to you, too.

copy/paste multiple triggers


you can copy/paste sounds on DT same as on AR: hold TRK, press COPY/PASTE


I never got comfortable how kits worked on the Rytm and Analog Four. In theory it was logical that the patterns and the kits where separated from each other, kind of like a sound source and some midi notes, but in practice it was hard for me to keep from messing up the “wrong” kit. After a while on the A4 and AR I always created a copy or a new kit for each new pattern to avoid problems.

On the Digitakt they have glued the kit together with the pattern and that’s a good thing if you ask me. Less confusion and frustration for me if I ever buy one.


There’s no connection between the sound manager presets and the sounds in any pattern. Loading a sound from the sound manager is basically just a copy/paste operation into a pattern audio track.


I also like the structure, copy paste kits will be more than welcome though


I am happy that I can copy-paste the whole pattern. This allows me to do variations, introduce new parts etc.
Deleting a whole track to add a new sound and pattern (clearing both the sound and the sequence data) is a pain though.
would like to be able to hit FUNC + TRK + Play (Clear)

Also the different behavior of FUNC + Play (Clear) depending on which mode you are in is dangerous… Already accidentally deleted the whole pattern a few times.

is it just me?


Supposing you now have 2 patterns… one original and copied to the other (pasted), and the other being a pattern variation…
Now what happens when you make changes to sound parameters in pattern 2? (not p-locks)

Those changes are only held in the 2nd pattern (kit).
Those parameter changes are not carried over to other patterns, since each pattern has its own kit.

And that is the workflow issue.