Digitakt factory content missing?

I’m having the same error. The process of finding your loaded samples on this thing is a nightmare. Please tell me it’s going to be fixed. I am on the latest firmware as well.

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My issue is related to this. Kits (and samples) are appearing under the settings menu, but +Drive is empty. I’m on the latest firmware and have tried both a factory reset and a empty reset.

I also can’t seem to preview any sounds from within the settings > samples menu, so am having to import sounds without knowing what they are! :slightly_frowning_face:

I also struggled with this. You have to go all the way up in the list to the 2 dots and hit ok. That’s how you go a page back in the file menu. Hope that’s what you meant.

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Is there any further info on this? I can access my sounds but not via the sound browser which is making file management a bit tedious. I am enjoying the machine despite this but I would like some clarification.

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I get the +drive empty message too, I have the preset samples though, what gives?

Any progress on the +Drive No Sounds issue? I’ve been reading all night and I understand the basic concept of Sounds vs Samples but in the manual, clearly it states to press FUNC + SOUND BROWSER to preview and load sounds. However I can only find sounds in the import menu. Drum kits / import / toolkit.

It seems that a lot of others are having this problem too. I’m on OS 1.02 the saving grace is that it’s deep enough that I have plenty more to learn before I’m writing any real beats on this thing. That said… I’m in love with this little box. :heart_eyes:

How do you initiate a factory reset on the DT? Will I lose 1.02 OS in the process?

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Wanted to update the thread. In my particular case it appears my digitakt was not loaded with any factory samples when it shipped. I have had my issue confirmed with elektron and they have sent me a replacement as it couldn’t be fixed with firmware update. I believe my case is different than what most of you are describing, so I wouldn’t worry. Very impressed with the customer service on Elektron’s part. Sent the original digitakt back today and looking forward to getting my replacement.


I’m really surprised they don’t release a default sounds file for those that open a ticket for this issue and have the user update via the new app.

I’m also experiencing no “sounds”, an empty +drive.

I do have the factory samples though.

I remember videos stating that, yes there would be a default kit with each project. Each new project that I have created has NO default sounds. I have to manually go import a drum kit or whatever for my 8 sample slots. I kinda prefer it that way since I would quickly tire of the same kit being loaded. It’s strange you got one load and then not.

When I hold FUNC and turn the DATA knob, I get to a page that says “No sounds on +Drive”. Note that this is about Sounds, not Samples. All Samples are where they should be, organized in their folders, all demo patterns are playing OK, there are just no factory Sounds on the +Drive. I tried formatting the +Drive and also the Factory Reset option. Nothing. I am on OS 1.2.

Note that the manual says “Sound bank A will be overwritten with the factory sounds.” under the FACTORY RESET section. This is not the case for me.

This is status quo for all of us: As of 1.02 there are still no factory sounds at all.

Ah, OK! So the manual is wrong when it says “Sound bank A will be overwritten with the factory sounds.” under FACTORY RESET? Because my Sound bank A is empty after Factory reset.

I see the same in OS v1.02. I complete a Factory Reset, and all the +Drive banks are empty. I still have the factory sounds, even those I sampled under a new Project, just not if I look under the [FUNC] + LEVEL knob Sound Browser or the Imp/Exp -> Manage Sounds menus.

Here’s what I find additionally strange: If I navigate by entering Settings, then Samples, I see the default folders–factory, incoming, recorded (plus a folder I created) with all their attendant samples. If I then push the LEFT arrow key, I get the contextual menu. I choose VIEW RAM or VIEW +DRIVE, and both show their contents.

So, is +Drive behaving as we’d expect, but the Sound Browser views just aren’t showing them correctly?

I know it sounds like a read the the f’n manual thing, but maybe a quick tutorial from Electron explaining the file system would help a lot of people here. A lot of the confusions are just semantic, but I find their whole file system concept very confusing. The rest of the things in the manual seem very straight forward. I can just look something up, and immediately get the answer. Maybe we could talk Cuckoo into doing something?


Wait, I think the terminology is important here. Are you talking about SOUNDS or SAMPLES? Those are two different things. Sounds are made out of Samples. Samples are organized in directories. Sounds are organized in banks using tags. After the factory reset, do you see any Factory Sounds anywhere, or just Samples?

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I have received a reply from the Elektron staff to my support ticket. They confirmed that there are currently no factory Sounds included at all. So my Digitakt is not buggy and the Factory Reset paragraph in the manual is wrong. (Again, please note that there are Factory Samples but no Factory Sounds. Samples and Sounds are two different things.)


too right, the file system downright sucks. why on earth could they not use a typical file hierarchy i’ll never know. Nothing wrong with directory structure on OT, why could they not stick with that?

Function + Level/Data always shows an empty page, this is normal. You have to populate it yourself. Unless I’m mistaken of course. It’s where you can save sounds (a sample + all its settings/filters/etc).

Thanks for the clarification! I’m cognizant of the Sound vs. Sample nomenclature distinction, but (as I saw noted in your more recent post here) there are no factory Sounds in +Drive after the reset.

Indeed, the manual’s language is not clear here–or straight up incorrect–as you mentioned. It’s weird, as my Analog Keys was much clearer in this regard, and my Octatrack is of course more straightforward.

Wait a minute… OT straightforward about anything? :rofl: