Digitakt factory content missing?

My +Drive is empty too. The only sounds on it that I can find are from the subaquatic demo track.

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Ahh, from another thread, it seems the factory sounds were not included in the firmware release yet. Coming in the next update.

There are still lots of samples though, found by going through the settings page (cog button).

Got a link? my +drive is empty too.

I got a lot of kits and stuff though.

Eidt: Ok I might be mixing things up. The samples are there but there are so sounds as i havent saved any. keep forgatting a sounds isnt a sample.

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Mine doesn’t even appear to have any samples…it’s totally empty hahah. I hope this is something that can be fixed with the next OS update. I imagine it can. I just don’t want a situation where everyone I factory reset it, it ends up completely empty again.

So it appears Elektron support is on vacation till June 7th. It seems I’m not the only one with this issue. Do you have any kind of eta on the next OS update and do you think that will be able to fix this?


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Yeah. I can record samples onto it and today I’m going to import some via the transfer app. I don’t think it has any huge issue other than being empty. Probably fixable with an OS update.

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Yes. No errors.

@phaelam watch till the 1:00 mark in the video I posted. Looks like there should be samples but all the kits are blank from what I can tell.

One can easily access sample in SRC menu : turn the encoder to select a new sample slot, and press Func + Yes to browse +Drive.
=> Works the same as AR in this regard.

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When I press [FUNC] + Level/Data to open sound browser it says +DRIVE HAS NO SOUNDS.
Is this normal?

Thanks Joshua, sorted it.

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How did you sort it? I have the same issue.

Yes, to access sample in SRC menu : turn the encoder to select a new sample slot, and press [FUNC] + Yes to browse +Drive

I think there will be a fix as mentioned above for those getting the +drive has no sounds message.

1.02 did not restore factory samples. Still an empty box :frowning:

Did you look in the samples menu? Or the SRC ASSIGN menu? I have all the samples in there, but no sounds shown when browsing the +drive. No idea if that’s normal or not!

Nothing! Nothing in the browser, nothing in the SRC menu and nothing in the sample menu. All there is are empty kit folders.

I can see about 80 samples from the sample selector, but thought there was supposed to be 400+. Is there some top level archive structure? I’ve just got it yesterday so apologies if this is obvious! :upside_down_face:

I think that’s the sample on the project it’s 64mb max no ? The other samples are somewhere else ?
It’s the same for me

same here, samples can be found as per [quote=“CPU, post:41, topic:40036”]
to access sample in SRC menu : turn the encoder to select a new sample slot, and press [FUNC] + Yes to browse +Drive

but nothing in the sound browser

On mine
I have lots of samples ( not sure how many , will look later)

I have no sounds
Nothing in +drive.
But I need to more fully understand what is expected with the structure

I have no problem importing samples into a project and using them via src .

You need samples to be imported to select them in src , don’t think that the only samples available on your pattern are the default 20 or so.

I need to understand the difference between
What should Be on +drive.
Sequence vs pattern.