Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


This one works like a charm.


Thank you sazi! I first clicked the Dustin link in the email, just a button press away from ordering it before coming here to say thanks, I’m so glad I didn’t press that button lol :slight_smile:


Did you try a capacity test? From full to completely empty?
Would be good to know the real capacity @ 12V.

I am looking at one on eBay with 24000mAh for 14€


Thanks! :genie:


Ironically, the one I just bought from ‘China’ came from Sweden, according to the post mark.


The XGODY arrived and appears to work fine. I wish I knew what the polarity of the output was though. None is marked, and that makes me nervous.

Never mind. The polarity is the same as the Digitakt (obviously, but nice to see it confirmed). The details aren’t listed anywhere I could find, except inside the package itself.


Should this one work with the Digitakt? What do you think?



Too funny. I know they route packages in the weirdest ways around the EU sometimes. Or that claimed EU “warehouses” really is just some shady guy with lotsa gadgets stuffed into some apartment.:slight_smile:


Quick question (because instructions are pretty sparse)… when I have the battery plugged into the DT to power it, obviously I flip on the power switch. When I have the battery plugged in to charge it, it seems I have to flip the power switch on to make it charge. And then when I have the battery plugged into the wall and to the DT, I have to have the power switch in the off position to power the DT, and then in the on position to charge the battery, but not power the DT.

Very convoluted, I know. But does that summarize how the power switch works? Or am I doing it wrong?


Yes, I have the 20400mAh version and it works fine.


I either have the battery switched on and plugged to be charged, or the battery charged and switched on and plugged to the DT, or the battery switched off. I never plugged the battery to the wall and the DT at the same time.
Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


Yes it does. It confirms what I was experiencing. The 2 page instructions actually recommend plugging it in between the PSU and machine you’re powering. Now that I think about it, it must be to protect against power failures. I don’t plan on keeping it connected this way but I did briefly connect it this way to test it out and noticed the behavior was different. Thanks!


To follow up, in case anyone is wondering. I had a faulty unit. It comes with the proper adapter for the Digitakt.


Thank you, nzk303! :wink:


This is something I’ve been considering for a few devices for a while now (including my Kenton box) but I have a niggling doubt that’s stopping me from diving in.

Surely when those batteries start running out of juice, there’s going to be a drop in Amps - and if the Amps drop too low for spec, that can be terminally bad for your gear. Does anyone know if there’s a power bank device out there that regulates Amps and gently shuts down (with a warning) if the amps drop below a (preferably user defined) threshold?


I’m curious about this too…when the battery starts to go, can it damage the unit to use it?


I just got one of these this week and I’m really pleased with it. Not tried it for a huge length of time but got over 30 mins with the battery only dropping 5%. Looking forward to going on some adventures with the Digitakt. Thanks for the advice!


this feels like this thread has finished on a cliffhanger!

where are all the electronics bods to reassure us?



Can confirm that this one works and come with the necessary cables and adapters



Is there a good small power adapter that I can velcro to the side of the DT and just easily carry it around?