Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


shrug Guess I’ll stick to using lamp posts when I’m jamming outside…

I was going to include a cool image of a dude in the streets of New York with a bunch of equipment hooked up to a lamp post. Unfortunately Google image search just wants to sell me light fittings - so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Never had trouble finding said image in the past, so I guess Google rectified things with a more consumer focused algorithm.

Remember folks, “don’t be evil!” :japanese_ogre:

EDIT: DuckDuckGo Provides!

Hack the planet!!!


My friends and I used to always keep an eye out for outdoor power outlets in Ann Arbor Michigan, then we’d set up and jam drumset and all until the cops would eventually make us leave… Sometimes they let us go for quite awhile… :rofl:


Just want to confirm that this battery pack will work with the Digitakt.


What splitter are you using for this? I just snagged a Poweradd Pilot Pro myself, and I’m hoping to feed a Rytm and Digitakt at the same time.


This one but is not the good one because you need to use adaptors
12 V - y de cable 1 DC Conector hembra > 5 hueca de hueca de 5,5 x 2,1 mm https://www.amazon.es/dp/B00XG7L1T8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_bQyKVfwBHI3zk


Thanks so much! I ended up ordering something similar. Which side do you need adaptors for?


Is there a good battery that can power two digitakts at the same time? I need a battery and I’m really banking on a Digitakt Synth successor



Good on 'em, must have been great fun!


One time a few cops came out deep in the country where we where having an all nighter. They were responding to a noise complaint from 2 or 3 miles away… :loud_sound::smile:
People at the party were on all sorts of various levels of existence and perception. :sparkles:
When the cop car appeared there was a general unspoken panic vibe that swept around…

To make a long story short, the cops ended up being super interested in how we were making the sounds, and asked us all sorts of questions about our gear and things, some of us could barely answer at the time. :joy:… Some other cops would probably have wanted to arrest some of the folks just because of the state they were in…

They were super cool and loved our gear, music, and people that were there…
In the end they left it up to us whether we kept playing or not and how loud. They said if we kept it the same and someone called again they’d have to come back, but it was up to us if we were OK with that and talk of if their would be a ticket was left vague. They said they wouldn’t mind coming back!

I got a few more stories like this, #notallcops

(We ended up turning down a bit and played well past sunrise :slight_smile:)


Can any techs chime in ?


I bet the Poweradd Pilot 2 Pro could. I recently snagged one to power my DT and AR. I haven’t given it a proper trial yet as I was waiting on a splitter cable to get in. But hopefully over the next few days I can give it a shot.


Would like to know too.


Anything in the $40 US price range that is complete with the adapters?

Calculate power consumption for external battery

Perhaps Cenk would be kind enough to chime in and confirm what they used to power the Dt (or whatever we’re calling it now) in their latest video.



I’d be interested to learn that, too. I’m taking the Digitakt out on the field soon, for a job when I need to compose live as a movie’s being shot, to basically work out the music as the images are captured by the cameras. So I’ll need a battery solution and I figure, whatever Elektron feels is solid and safe enough to power their new Digitone, has to be a pretty good option.

@Dataline or @Ess, do you know what battery pack was used for the movie you made for this purpose?


I got one of the 20000mah ones when they did their crowd-funding campaign. So far it’s been great. I use it with my OT or MM when traveling or when I wanna sit on the deck.


Have you tried this out yet?


Not yet… I’m worthless. And my wife misplaced my power cables. Haha, hopefully I get around to it in the next couple days if I can find them.


Definitely let me know- I was holding out on buying a battery pack to see what Elektron announced at NAMM. Now I know I need the battery to charge two Elektrons!


Honestly, if I’m doing my math right the Poweradd should be able to power an AR, DT and DO all at the same time (I have a DO on the way). Ha I’ll try to check at least the AR and DT later.