Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


This is on its way to me. I think it is the cheapest option I’ve seen on here. I briefly opened up my digitakt to see if there was enough room inside, and I am pretty sure it could fit. we’ll see what happens on monday…


Remember last Samsung that just took fire ?
I wouldn’t dare to put a cheap battery inside my DT…
3500 mAh is not much, but you should be able to play an hour I guess…


so it says in the manual that the digitakt has a typical power consumption of 7W. 3500mAh converts to 42 WH which means i should be able to run my digitakt for almost 6 hours right?


OK, I did my homework…
@Le_filou above said his 7800 mAh lasted 5h, so yours might do better than I thought. :thup:

But 6 hours… I wouldn’t bet on this.


Probably not that long. As soon as I get it I’ll try and run it down all the way. I’ll tell you guys how long it lasts
Even if it lasts two hours it’ll be lasting longer than my electribe used to


Poweradd feeding digitakt and tr09 for 4h 25%


I received the battery today!
The dc plug it comes with is 2.1mm x 5.5mm and the digi needs a 2.5mm x 5.5mm plug :man_shrugging:t2:
So I’m ordering an adapter.

The plug works with my Mother-32 however!
The battery did not come on a full charge, and it has been powering the synthesizer for almost three hours now.
I’m pretty satisfied.


is that this model?


That $17 battery powers the DT??


I have yet to test it, but it powers the mother-32 , a 12v dc synthesizer that has a 2.8w consumption rate. The battery powered it for about 6 hours and the battery wasn’t fully charged.
The digitakt uses 7w, so it probably won’t run as long.


i could never take my studio gear near that much sand :smile:


Any idea what type of charger you need to charge it? Could you use the elektron DT charger?


I’ve not tried the electron charger for that. I use a multi-adaptor plug which lets you change voltages etc they are fairly standard. The same adapter and connection is what powers my shruthi synth.


I just wanted to add a quick comment about the ‘mAh’ rating of these portable battery units. The ratings they used are a bit of a cheat… since they use the capacity of the internal LiPo batteries as a measure, not the output voltage you’re expecting.

For for example a power bank rated at 10000mAh is actually 10000mAh at 3.7v (the voltage of LiPo batteries).

For a 5v output you get ‘effectively’ 10000 / (5/3.7) = 7400mAh (actually less, since the voltage conversion swallows 5-10%)

For a 12v output you get ‘effectively’ 10000 / (12/3.7) = 3083mAh (again, factor in inefficiency of conversion)

For this reason it can be easier to do these calculations using Watts (energy). W=V x I so the amount of Watts of energy in our 10000mAh power bank is 3.7 x 10 = 37W. (10000mAh = 10Ah)

So with the Digitakt running at 7W, 7 into 37 gives you 5.2 hours usage… or perhaps slightly under 5 accounting for inefficiency.


woo its just what im looking for!
Its the 12.8x8.46x2.48 "/32.5x21.5x6.3cm version?
Wanna be sure im ordering the right one!


Thanks for this! Very useful information.

The RavPower 27000mAh has an AC outlet running at 100Watt. I have a live setup that runs on 56 watts, so that would mean I could safely run my entire live setup for about 1,5 hour?

Could it harm gear if the battery would be depleted while using the gear?


Just wanted to say thanks for this thread. Made it easy to find a battery for my new DT. It’s crazy that this has never really occurred to me before. The battery on my MPC Live is what made me think of it. Thanks! With a 6 month old at home portability and working on the fly is key.


Why are these kind of powerbanks impossible to find in Sweden? And why is it impossible to import, even from within the EU? I know there might be some mumbo-jumbo about shipping chemicals, but it’s like everyone except Swedish people can buy these chemicals from the Amazons, the eBays, the gadget empire that is Shenzhen, China, etc, and have so much fun, while us Swedes are stuck back in the dark ages with our silly 5v USB banks. C’mon Elektron, make us an Elektron branded powerbank that’ll work with Digitakt and other Elektron gear. Por favor!


Yeah, same here in The Netherlands. There’s just a couple of options that are very expensive… I’m a bit surprised really.


hej mhek, sorry did’nt see Your question until just now

it’s the Neewer EVA 12.8x8.46x2.48 "/32.5x21.5x6.3cm Shockproof, exact (German) amazon-link below