Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


Cheapest battery I’ve seen that has 12v so should in theory work with the Digi and allow for portable use.
Anyone fancy testing it?


This is cheaper:

Not a great capacity but the DT isn’t that power hungry. 12V… This would work, right?


I’ve got one of these and it’s doing the job just fine. To be able to use the digitakt anywhere for £20 is amazing. Only downside is that the USB port won’t charge my phone, but the digitakt works like a charm. The battery arrives already charged and the included cable works with the digitakt straight away, but you’ll need an standard multi-adapter to actually charge the unit.


How many hours ‘on the road’ use would you say you are getting?


I gave it a full charge and have used it for over 3 hours so far. Not really a proper test. But it feels good to be portable!


Digitakt and Omnicharge make a great combo. Around 11h30m of autonomous work, as shown on Omnicharge’s screen.


Bought it on your recommendation, looking forward! What are the dimensions by the way?



Superb! Thanks mate


This one looks the most compact yet. Would love links to the power pack and also the bag, thanks!


the bag was £10! Its the AmazonBasics GoPro Carrying Case https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00PMMB4X8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1


Large, Small or X-Small?


Its the large one


And we’re on! 30mn so far and I’m not planning to go to bed anytime soon. Let’s see how long this one goes for. Thanks again for the recommendation mate. And stoked by the size of it as well :slight_smile:


Please let me know how many hours of use this battery gives before I buy. Basically be my guinea pig :wink:


No worries! I counted about 5 hours. I had a pattern running at all times with all pads lit most of the time.


That’s great thanks for letting me know.
So 5 hours until dead from a 7800ma battery?
So on that basis if I find one that’s 15600 it’ll keep the DT going for 10 hours


Does yours charge a phone as well?


I haven’t tried but there’s a USB port for it, yes


That’d obviously eat into the battery though so you’d get less time to toy with your Digi (that sounds wrong but you know what I mean!)