Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


I bought this piece:

On 12v i get random power offs after a while of using Digitakt. There is 16v output on battery but i wont dare to go there.


Did you test your Digitakt with XTPower on longer sessions ?



Nothing too long yet. I plan on doing a little test some time soon though as my power bank has an LCD with a usage display. Hopefully I don’t run into any random power offs like you’re speaking of.


For anyone interested, I’ve had an ammeter across the DT’s DC input, to check the actual current requirements during use…

  • When switched on, the bootup peaks at around 900mA (0.9A) for a few seconds
  • During use the DT is using 425-500mA (0.5A)
  • Switching patterns raises to ~550mA
  • Measured with headphones attached, turning the volume up to max does not seem to affect the mA

Online battery life calcs give an estimated 12hrs use from a 10,000mAh battery @600mA

At the AC socket (UK) end, the usage is ~5.5-6.5W @240VAC during normal playback, ~10W during bootup.

As @Joshua ^^ above says, using the supplied AC power adaptor connected to an inverter is the safest method, and also retains the product warranty!

Using a 12V DC powerbank connected directly should be pretty safe though, the Elektron power supply (UK) outputs a steady 12.17VDC (@240VAC PSU input).

Using 5V-12V conversion adaptors might result in problems, the DT seems pretty sensitive to its DC supply, I experienced reboots and crashing merely by introducing measuring cables.

An :3lektron: Elektron Battery Bank Slanty Stand would be awesome tho…


I just can’t find any powerbanks like the Poweradd Pilot Pro or XTpower here in Sweden. Plenty of powerbanks with USB 1A & 2A with all kinds of capacities, none with proper DC out (or powerplug). Amazon UK do not ship these batteries to Sweden due the chemicals blablabla, the German site with the XT powerbanks don’t ship here either. We recently got some new chemicals tax thing here, or will get it soon, I haven’t read up on that stuff yet. But seems weird if that’s the reason seeing as we got powerbanks with USB outs.

I’ve tested my blofeld on a regular USB power bank and an upconverter USB to DC plug. But those cheap little plugs can really lit up your home should you not be careful with checking their AMP rating, checking if those numbers are correct, etc. Anyway, if anyone knows places selling proper DC banks like Poweradd and similar in or to Sweden (preferably withing EU), please give me a shout. I did see the Proshop thing above, but seems like the wrong bank for the Digi.



I was able to run a little test yesterday. I ran my Digi for 3 hours straight and it used 20% of the battery life. One random reset happened but I think that’s because my son came up and pushed the button on the power bank. I’m not 100% sure though as I haven’t gotten the full truth out of him just yet, he’s 4, haha.

Either way I was quite pleased with this outcome. If the bank will actually let me run the Digi for 15 hours in total that’s nuts!

Another thing to note is that the power bank never got even the slightest bit warm. Since it ran so cold I’m thinking I might even velcro it to the bottom of the Digi and snag a shorter cord so everything is a bit more compact.


I’m pretty sure the XT guys have a British website you could order from.


Thanks for sharing this good news @three.

My Sandberg will be on it’s way back soon. 15 hours sounds nuts :slight_smile:


Nope. They have a list of countries they ship to within EU (on their official website). I also checked their batteries on eBay but nope. Amazon UK is the site I use, if they don’t ship nor will the German Amazon. Yeah I’ll throw a mail to the XTpower guys, if nothing else they’ll probably know what’s up with these DC powerbanks and Sweden




I just got this in a OEM version, it works as intended =)


I have one of these. Guessing it’s more than enough?

Mini Vagabond


How much time are you getting out of that?


I haven’t ran through the battery I one session yet. Based on my calculations per my usage though it should do about 15hrs.


I love the Omnicharge 20.


Question for anyone here who purchased the PowerAdd Pilot…What kind of adapter did you need to go from the battery to the Digitakt safely?


it comes with a selection of adapters in different sizes


Which one did you end up using? I can’t seem to find one that works…


All you have to do is read the posts with link s https://www.amazon.com/Poweradd-Pilot-Pro-Smartphones-Chromebook/dp/B00DN0KBXU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1498522922&sr=8-2&keywords=poweradd+dc+battery+12


I’ve read through the posts. I ordered this unit. I was just asking which adapter you used to connect to your Digitakt. I suspect my battery unit is defective.