Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?

Has anyone used a usb - c output to the 2.5dc digitakt in?

I know it has the dc out, but was going to use that occasionally for my laptop.

Nice information and photo! Did you end up finding out how long the charge holds?

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How long does the battery’s last powering the two digi or just one by itself.

What case is that? The dimensions are nice.


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I didn´t test it long enough, I was messing around with it for maybe an hour and the battery was still full so it´ll be a few hours for sure.
Tested it today to power 3 additional USB devices (via power plug) along with the two Digi´s and the battery has enough juice. The fan inside the battery is working hard though.

It´s the Magma Carry Lite L. I just got the XXL version today so I can fit in the Keystep as well and another desktop synth (Waldorf Streichfett).

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Thanks! It looks like the perfect size for DT and DN combo (plus cables).

I won’t derail this thread any further.

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Dam that’s awesome the digi combo in a brief case is a dream. Can you post a pic of the new set up with the the key step when you get is set up?

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sure, it was the first thing i did when i got home :wink:


Bought a Mini-G Powertraveller. Can supply the Digi combo for 3-4 hours. Made a splitter myself to charge both units, though I have to switch them on exactly the same time or else they turn each other off. Other than that, No problems!


That’s a great setup.

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Hey would any V-mount battery solution work with a digitakt?

can the top cover be removed?

The too can be removed on some Magma Carry Lite models, but not all. The lid on the Magma Carry Lite XL Plus (Model No. 41101) DOES have a removable lid.

Mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. :smiley:

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as @papertiger said it can be removed but apparently there are some different models out there. I have both the L version as well as the XXL version and both of mine have a detachable lid.

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The best thing to do is to call the place you’re ordering from and ask them to check the case you’re interested in ordering. Both retailers I ordered from were surprised I received a model where the lid didn’t detach!

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This seems like wishful thinking but I’m curious as to whether you all think this might work and what USB battery pack would make it work.

I have a Digitakt, Minilogue, Monologue, Volca Drum, OP-Z, and 1010Music Blackbox I’d like to potentially make into a portable rig.

OP-Z and Blackbox power via USB

Minilogue, Monologue, and Volca Drum can supposedly all be powered by this;

Would it be possible to get a USB power pack that can power all these gears with that and a compatible USB power block?

After trying a few (3+!) different solutions, this one seems best (just make sure you have a hefty battery that can last a while, but any decent one will do). I’m using an AUKEY 16000mAh with this 5V -> 12V voltage step-up cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074R7FDCR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Cheap and does the job well.

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Ok so I decided to buy this

When I go to power it on it makes a popping sound and doesn’t power the screen on. From what I’ve read it requires a 2.1mm to 2.5mm adapter which is only available on the newer versions of the battery, which I have and can’t get to work. It’s almost all the way charged. Works fine with usb. Any suggestions?

Most of the links here seem to to Amazon-links, and amazon are not to big on shipping these to Norway, where I live. Probably some rules that are interfering in some way.

Can anyone recommend powebank that’s for sale in Norway or that has world shipping ?

Any and all tips are much appreciated :grinning: