Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


would the XT20000QC2 power the octatrack mk2 does anyone know?


Just reporting back after a real world experience: my XTPower XT-20000QC2 (~$80) died after less than six months, probably about ten uses total. It won’t accept charge, although it’s still outputting 12V DC. I’m guessing the connector somehow got mangled, although I’m not particularly rough with my gear and it still lights up when connecting USB power for charging.

I’m going to try the TalentCell 6000mAh next; the capacity is good enough for me and the price is right. I doubt I’ll find the time to crack open the XTPower and see what actually happened.


Here’s what I ended up with, can confirm it’s working well with my DN:

Poweradd Pilot Pro 2 23000mAH: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015OAJFOC/ The battery is fairly big as far as length and width (around the size of a paperback book), but not terribly thick (about the thickness of 2 iPhones). I had to figure out how to get it into 12V mode (hold down the button to get to voltage toggle), but once I got that sorted out it was fine.

It comes with a DC cable and an adapter set. The adapter set mine came with includes a plug that fits the DN, but I recall seeing a post from someone who’s didn’t, and the listing itself doesn’t indicate that there’s a compatible adapter included. If you need an adapter plug, here’s an option from Amazon that I can confirm works: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N812NKL/

Or, you can just get this cable so you don’t have to fuss with adapters (this is what I’m using now): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M7OE1VG/ (the right angle plugs aren’t my preference, but they work fine).

I haven’t done a full drain on the battery yet, but based on what I’m seeing from 2-3 hours of use, I’m guessing I’d get 8-10 hours of use from a full charge.

Hope that helps!


I have two of these. One powers Digitakt, the other powers my iconnectivity external soundcard (wich powers the ipad). Works great for many many hours. :blush:


In the latest sonicstate podcast. Gaz shows the Elektron Analog Rytm working with the https://myvolts.co.uk/Ripcord. Cant see why it wouldn’t work for the Digitakt. Just needs an inexpensive large usb battery pack.


Hi everyone,

this thread is quite comprehensive so I appologize in advance if this power bank has already been discussed since I just couldn´t read through all of it. I´m looking for a power bank with enough juice to power at least the Digitakt & Digitone on the road. Preferably one with a proper power socket so I can skip those converter cables and possible adapters. So I stumbled upon this one here, has anyone tested this one? And with a 2-socket adapter, could this power both devices from the single power socket?

Thanks in advance!


You need 12V.

Does it say 12V anywhere in the spec?



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too fast with tiping - didn’t read previous post :slight_smile:


The description says the AC outlet has 220V~50Hz (70W Max, 60W nominal capacity). Info was buried in fancy numbers and is only mentioned once unlike all the other specs.


Oh Yes, A.C. O/P.

So an ‘Inverter’ then?

ALL that conversion loss seems a bit daft when you can just get a 12V battery with zero loss.

Mind you it could probably power a Lappi and your instruments for a good few hours.



Thanks for your help!
If it was just for one device I would go for something else but I´d like to power at least two devices and have the option to include more, like adding a Keystep or something like that.


I picked up this cable from amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/BENSN-Voltage-Converter-different-connectors/dp/B07MJQ7YY3/

It says on the listing that it outputs 12v 1A, but actually, there’s a label on the cable itself that says the max current is 0.6A. Having said that, it does actually work and I seem to be able to run my Digitakt no problem at all off my Anker PowerCore 20100.

Does anyone with some electronics knowledge know if the lower current rating might be a problem further down the line? Should I stop using this cable? The Elektron power cable outputs 2A.


The DT takes quite a bit of current at start up and then settles down to 600mA, you’ll be fine.

BTW current isn’t ‘Outputted’ it’s drawn.



Takes a little while to start when switching on, but works!
Cable connected to 2.4A USB Port.

Amazon Link


This one also works very good. Not tested how long it holds.
But it came with the right cable.


What voltage do you have set? My DT won’t boot on 12v


12V, what battery are you using?


I have the XTPower XT-16000QC3, slightly lower capacity than the one you have.


Never mind, working perfectly now


The Noovoo powerbank works like a charm, has enough juice to power both devices and has another USB socket left to hook up a controller or whatever you like. It’s a bit bulky though, looked smaller on the pictures. But this setup is ideal to just go out into the wild or just bring it to your gig, hook up the main outs and you‘re ready to go.