Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


Before you buy it, consider the fact that you are converting DC to AC and back to DC again.
Not good. There are battery packs that you use directly with DT. Pack>>>>cable >>>>DT.
There are some good packs in thread ^^^^

Just my 3 cents


@soundklinik it seems hard to source anything else here in canada



Hey all!
I am researching this topic right now and came to two options which I consider the most reliable:

#1 An emergency powerbank that is designed to jumpstart a car and has a 12V cigarette lighter plug (https://images.ua.prom.st/1617452449_w640_h640_cid2912505_pid903039899-234f8421.jpg) + adaptor cable that goes from cigarette lighter to cylindrical plug (https://www.torchdirect.co.uk/user/products/large/X21Rcarcharger.jpg)

#2 A powerbank that has a 220V AC output (https://images.ua.prom.st/1626060127_w640_h640_cid2739472_pid906552393-c78ed0ca.jpg) and then use the stock Digitakt power adapter with it

#1 would be more useful to me as a car owner since this can be used in case of sudden car battery drain (or to help a fellow stranded driver), plus the adaptor would let me play the DT right from inside the car. Option #2 is more bulky but also is kind of more reliable because the stock DT adaptor won’t do no wrong.

What would you say?


Hey there, I’m also from Canada and was wondering how this unit is holding up?
Are you happy with it?

Thanks in advance.


Didint end up buy a battery yet. Thinking of trying a DC usb powered option as was recommended but not sure.


How’s this cable holding up?
Would you still recommend it?


This one looks amazing: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G7658RU?tag=enriquemart0a-20


It’s NOT as it ONLY O/Ps 5V, you need 12V.



Ah shoot… thanks for checking more carefully than i did.


Indeed, I guess you were probably ‘Attracted’ to it as MAC was mention, so therefore it must be good…?

Look peeps, ANY battery MUST put out 12V, sure you can get another 5V to 12V convertor (mentioned and tested earlier in the post) but that’s fairly silly as it’s another conversion loss.

The one I’ve mentioned is fine, just get that one, will power your lappi too.



Where did you pull that from?

If you go through life being snarky to everyone you perceive to have less intelligence than you, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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I liked the aluminum case to be honest.


Hi all,

I just bought the Digitakt and am (surprise, surprise) looking for an external battery pack.

I have sifted through this thread as well as the other more general one and have compiled the following options as being some of the most reliable and recommended by you guys for under $100 USD: (disclaimer: I am from the US, so apologies if some of the links/products aren’t available to view)



Unfortunately, the site will only allow me to post two links being that I am a newcomer, so I had to omit the RAVPower 27000mAh from the shortlist.

I’m sure most of you can only vouch for the packs that you’ve purchased and used, but I would like for you guys to help me narrow down these 2 to the best possible option, or recommend another one outside of these perhaps?

Hopefully this contribution can help newcomers to the thread have somewhere to start!


I recently got one of these


And it works nicely, it does require 2.5mm adapter though https://www.songbirdfx.com/products/2-5mm-adapter/

I’m using it with Anker PowerCore 10000 PD battery


That’s the USB output, you can plug the elektron PSU in it


XT Power XT20000QC2 just arrived.


Well done you got the right one.

Folk still asking on here and lots of other recommendations.

Just buy this one.




have orderd shorter cables from aliexpress:

will fit better :slight_smile:
shipment took appr. 4 weeks


This is the power bank I will be ordering as well. Its just the right size to throw some velcro on it and carry it anywhere. I will be making a case that fits the power bank, tb03, and digitakt to easily carry, open up, power on and play.