Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


Hey @provoda I just got the omni for Christmas and I’ve had flashes of this post in my head for a few weeks now haha, mainly because I’m still using the AC adapter cable and would love to just get a barrel connector cable like yours - which are you using? Is it an accessory cable from the omnicharge accessory kit or is it something else? Thanks in advance!


As has been mentioned a slow boot is evident (probably due to voltage droop as the current exceeds the 800mA rating, approx. 1A), but does eventually boot.

Rather than using this convertor I think it best to find a battery that will O/P multiple voltages incl 12V.



I’m using one from the accessory pack, yes


Thanks! I went ahead and picked up the accessory cable set. I got it in a bundle with the case, but it didn’t come with the majority of the cables. Thanks man!


AC/DC gurus, I have a question. Can this power pack be used to power a Digitakt and Digitone, two Toraiz AS-1’s (5v) and a small mixer (18v)? What cables/connectors/converters would be required?


At the same time??? Not a chance.

You’re better off with an AC 3 prong output battery with a power strip and all included PSUs.


Why can it not power all those things?

Any audio equipment unless its a power amp takes next to no current to run.

You ask what connectors you’ll need, why not look round the back and have a look?

You’ll need to add up all the currents consumed, DT = 0A6, I’ve no idea about the rest…

Doubt its more than 3-5A

You’ll have to do a bit of work yourself and find out, do some sums and solder up a load of cables and connectors. too.

Oh no mention of 18V O/P in the battery spec…



I own this battery and it has no 18V output.


Yes I think I’ve said that…

Most folk on here don’t seem to have the most basic on knowledge on how to wire stuff up to DC, guess its just a sign of the times…

So people, if it says it need 18V and your battery ONLY puts out 12V, it aint gonna work!

However there are plenty of batteries that will and the one I mention (earlier) will put out 19V which will be fine.



I was thinking some type of step-up converter, i.e. 9v-to-18v but it doesn’t seem to exist. So maybe a different mixer then.

But the battery like you have WOULD be able to power the two Elektrons and two AS-1s, right?


Update- found a 12v/1A mixer. So I’m thinking this setup could work…


Can this power pack be used to power a Digitakt (12V) and Digitone (12V) two Toraiz AS-1’s (5v) and a small mixer (18v)? What cables/connectors/converters would be required?

So that’s 3 voltages, so you will need a 12V mixer so ONLY 2 voltages are needed, then it will work…
As the battery wont O/P 19V, 12V & 5V i.e. 3 different O/P’s only 2 at a time.




Got it. Thanks!


€ 0,52


Do you think there is a chance that I burn my BT whit that power bank
‘‘USB 1 output: 3.6V - 6.5V / 3A, 6.5V - 9V / 2A, 9V - 12V / 1.5A’’
or she will not even light up kek


Has anyone tried this one? - Was thinking of using it for my digitone. Direct DC


@Jigslice I have a similar model ( https://www.ravpower.com/p/ravpower-ac-outlet-20100mah-power-bank.html ) that works great. I have had a digitakt, circuit and mono synth all plugged in at once for a few hours. Yours seems like a better form factor than mine though :slight_smile:


@DYMS Ooof, im assuming the circuit and mono synth were using USB power? Did you need special cables to accomplish that?


@Jigslice No, I was using an extension cord attached to the outlet that is on that portable battery. It has the option to run USB, USB-C, or AC power.


@DYMS Of course! an extension cord would work great. Okay awesome to hear. I’ll pick one up now. Thanks :slight_smile: