Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


Hello Sascha!
Yeah, if you have in mind to power both Digitone and Digitakt, you’d probably need two of those power banks. With this pair, though, you’d probably have enough juice for a weekend of music :slight_smile:

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I actually was “brainstorming” about that small Qutaway step-up converter (your Monsta add on).

In regards to my fresh Digitone I just ordered Iconbit FTB20000NT - Powerbank 20.400mAh - 12/19V to give it a try.


Grabbed a GM312 on the recommendation from this thread.
Works a treat and was only £30 from Amazon.

After an unheard of 3 weeks of sunshine in Scotland, typical the day I get my external battery so I can have a jam in the garden on a day off it bloody rains!


I just got this yesterday and works with the DN, can’t comment on how long it will last just yet. eBay $20 w/ free shipping in case anyone is looking.



I am pretty stoked. I picked up this RavPower AC adapter during the Amazon Prime Day sale. It was on sale from 13,000 yen to 8,000 (or about 120 down to 70USD). It arrived today and I tested it with an extension cord and was able to run my Digitakt, Novation Circuit, and Novation Mono Station off it. At 20100 mAh I imagine it will last for a few hours. Now all I need is a case and I am ready to go mobile.


I have one of these, it’s great.



It is not nice to send a pic like that :wink:


At least tell us where it is so we can book our flights :wink:


east south of Francea_Porquerolles_Chien



I’m not sure why but I’m having a strong feeling today that an announcement is coming soon from Elektron. Battery pack for all Digi-size boxes that mounts up with VESA, same footprint and about half the height of the Digi… I’m sure someone has thought this same thing and mentioned it in this same thread, but whatever! Announce it Elektron! Offer an angled version with extra capacity that doubles as a stand and you’ll find PLENTY of buyers I’m sure. IMO, this would be even better than an integrated battery.


I am using the POWERADD 23000mAh Pilot Pro 2 and it works great. No additional equipement needed. The A4Mk2 runs longer than 3 hours and the Digitone twice as long. It needs approx 3h to charge. This Powerbank is a recommendation for Elektron stuff.


Hello everybody. Does someone know if this powerbank will work on the digitakt?




I am considering purchasing the Sandberg thingy since it’s one of the very few options available in Greece. Do you still have issues? Did you somehow manage to get it to work properly?


I do have the Sandberg and I think it is great, never had any issues…


Thank you @Padevil ! How many hours do you get out of it?


Nope. I sent it back and bought XT Power one instead.


I haven’t really timed it, but I think this setup I am using goes for more than 4 hours…
Digitakt + Boutique Ju06



With clear weather.not warm!


That’s so completely Duran Duran it hurts!

Nice work.