Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


I bought one.
Amazing device


Hi all. So, I bought omnicharge 20 and it works great apart from this issue. If i have my Digitakt hooked up to the battery and I connect my digitone too, it reboots or crashes one or both machines when i turn the second on. Sometimes I can restart the machine straight away after but more often i have to wait a minute or so before it will turn on again. Anyone else have this issue? I ordered a different DC splitter cable online in case that is the issue. I had another battery previously that gave me the same issue.
If i turn on both units at the same time they both boot up fine and i can use both from the battery.
Any thoughts from anyone?


They seem to pull off too much power at boot. Try a condenser with maybe 1/8F in parallel and you should be fine.


Hey @LyingDalai, Im about to pick one up. What kind of cable have you used to plug 2 Elektron boxes? any recomendations? :slight_smile:


So far I haven’t tried 2 Elektron, only one Elektron + Boutique + OP-1 and the Keystep.
A divider cable would be ace, maybe you should only contact the firm that sells it.
I think you can contact them directly on Amazon.




Will 65w/110v be ok?
Looking at a ravpower 20100


i think this is the one i’m looking at. Is it the 65 w? looks like a rectangular pop can?

edit, nm, you said it was the 65w. I’ll get one too, i think


Are I above the limit of the specificities of digitakt ??
I do not understand what kind of value in (((amp))) and what does that mean
I do not know if the 2Amp are compatible with the digitakt, need help please…


Has anyone got the omnicharge, what model and cable do I need for digitone.


The omni has a 2.1mm barrel, the elektrons all share a 2.5mm barrel plug.
I got a 2m 2.1 to 2.5 off ebay for 5€.

For your needs, the omni 13 should be enough, but if you can, i’d go for the 20 as you have longer lifespan from the battety even after 1.000 charges when the capacity starts to deplete


Cheap option that I use on the go.

Lithium iron phosphate ( LiFePO4)
12 Ah
Comes with carry case, and a cable that fits the DT perfectly.
Provides long use times, Battery recharge is fairly fast.
As a bonus, you can use this battery to jump start a dead car battery.


Cool thanks. Tricky to buy Omni charge in Aus, might have have to use eBay.


Haha, i also did a Song with the Pad Sample you used :D.
Cool stuff tough



I wanted to use a battery setup because I commute on a bus for 30 min to an hour+ depending on traffic… what I ended up picking up was this:

Amazon had it on a short sale for $65 bucks… I’ve snice used it on a plane, the bus, and just out when i’m having some breakfast… so it’s great to take it around.

Hope that help a bit.


my XT power is runnig well…I received it discharged but i had good check thru the Elektron and so … fine ! ! !



Hey guys!
I stumbled over this thread and researched a bit about it. After a while, I ordered a powerbank and an USB-to-9v-adapter to power my Digitakt and Audiothingies Micromonsta. I went for those ones here and they seem to work fine.

Litionite® Tanker Mini 25000mAh Power Pack Externe Batterie Akku Aluminium mit LED-Bildschirm - tragbare Ladegerät mit doppelt Usb 3A Schnellladung und Quick Charge 3.0 Technik + Usb Type-C + DC-Ausgang mit Anschlüssen für Laptop - Power Bank Universal und kompatibel für Notebook, Macbook, Smartphone und Tablet https://www.amazon.de/dp/B072MKB3S2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fCQjBbXRTF4C8

Step Up Spannungswandler Qutaway USB 5V bis 9V oder 12V Step Up Kabel einstellbar DC zu DC Transformator Konverter mit Schalter (5V-9 / 12V) https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0721MX1P5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_zfxkBbMGWP1NQ

Check the images… The battery pack seems to ship with different brand names. I’d guess it’d be available in other Amazon stores under different names.

Started with 87% factory charge and after about 10mins of play, I am still on 87 :slight_smile:
The important bit to me was having a solution with switchable DC out and at least two usb ports. With the adapter the Micromonsta runs off one USB port as it only draws 300 mA. It even has a magsafe adapter for my MacBook Pro if I’d be out working and be in need for a recharge. Haven’t had a pressure test, but so far I am really pleased. The Tascam DP-006 is already battery loaded so I guess I am prepared for some productive vacations :slight_smile:


Hi Elektronauters
I’m considering this one https://www.thomann.de/dk/kse_falken_1.htm

Anyone having any experience with this and the DT?


Hey! I see that the most popular link directs you to LIFEPOWR’s old website! Check out the new place guys!


Hallo parque,

I assume such simple step up Spannungswandler thingies would not work with Digitakt/Digitone due to the mentioned 800Amh max (2A at 5V -> 0,8A at 12V)? (which is fine for Micromonsta since it only needs 0,2A at 9V)